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(Town Election, March 5, 199.0gont._j <br />Precinct Five <br />Warden Elizabeth Flynn <br />Clerk Jacqueline Michelove <br />Inspector Marcia Cormier <br />Inspector Martha Zani <br />Inspector Dorothy Gauthier <br />Inspector Robert Trask, Jr. <br />Inspector Carol Snell <br />Precinct Six <br />Warden Cornelius Cronin <br />Clerk Dorothy Boggia <br />Inspector Barbara Wachman <br />Inspector Evelyn Belbin <br />Inspector Calvin Belbin <br />Inspector Judith Goldman <br />Inspector Patricia Byrnes-Parent <br />Precinct Seven <br />Warden <br />Clerk <br />Inspector <br />Inspector <br />Inspector <br />Inspector <br />Inspector <br />Inspector <br />Inspector <br />A. Estelle Szalajeski <br />Nancy Lou Hayes <br />Alice, Coletta <br />Gall Faulkinghaigg <br />Barbara Davis <br />Patricia Needham <br />Helen MacDonald <br />Muriel Taylor <br />Nancy Ryder <br />Precinct FitfllL <br />Warden <br />Clerk <br />Inspector <br />inspector <br />Inspector <br />Inspector <br />Inspector <br />Inspector <br />Catherine Jones <br />Frank Samuel <br />Blanche Johnson <br />Stella Laurendeati <br />Alma Ballot& <br />Elizabeth Sinclair <br />Mary Casey <br />Florence Murray <br />Precinct Nine <br />Warden John Taylor <br />Clerk Carole Scalise <br />Inspector William Murphy <br />Inspector Ellen O'Connell <br />Inspector Janet Lowther <br />Inspector Angie Taylor <br />Inspector Carlton Higgins <br />The election officers were sworn to the faithful performance <br />of their duties. <br />The polls were declared open in each precinct at 7 a.m. and <br />remained open until 8 p.m., at which time, after due notice, they <br />were declared closed. <br />