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RECEIVED <br /> COMMISSION ON DISABILITY 2022 Jalll , 5 aui °m <br /> TOWN CLERK <br /> LEXINGTON MA <br /> Members: Nine (9) <br /> Appointed By: Town Manager,with Selectmen's approval <br /> Appointed: October 30 <br /> Meeting Times: At least 10 times annually <br /> Term Length: 3 years, staggered <br /> Description: The Lexington Commission on Disability shall: 1) research local <br /> problems of people with disabilities; 2) advise and assist municipal <br /> officials and employees in ensuring compliance with state and federal laws and <br /> regulations that affect people with disabilities; 3) coordinate or carry out programs <br /> designed to meet the problems of people with disabilities in coordination with <br /> programs of the Massachusetts Office on Disability; 4) review and make <br /> recommendations about policies, procedures, services, activities and facilities of <br /> department,boards and agencies of said city or town as they affect people with <br /> disabilities; 5) provide information,referrals, guidance and technical assistance to <br /> individuals,public agencies, businesses and organizations in all matters pertaining <br /> to disability; 6) coordinate activities of other local groups organized for similar <br /> purposes. <br /> Criteria for Membership: Majority of members should have disabilities, one <br /> member shall be immediate family member of person with disability and one <br /> member shall be elected or appointed by the Town. <br /> Ref: MGL. Chapter 40: Section 8J <br /> Selectmen designated as Special Municipal Employees on January 18, 2006. <br /> Select Board approved the number of members to be increased to nine (9) on January 10, <br /> 2022. <br />