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SELECT BOARD POLICY <br /> GRANTS OF LOCATION IN THE PUBLIC WAY <br /> Date Approved by Select Board: Signature of <br /> of Chair: <br /> July 13, 2020 r"g V, zacw& <br /> 1. Consistent with MGL cc. 164 and 166, the Select Board shall have the sole authority to issue Grants <br /> of Location for the placement of any structures within public rights of way in the Town of Lexington, <br /> including but not limited to new poles, the relocation or alteration of existing poles, and for the <br /> addition to or subtraction of equipment or other items from or on poles. Examples of poles covered <br /> by these policies include poles that have equipment,wires, or other items attached to or located on <br /> them for the purposes of electrical,telephone, cable, lighting, signage,wireless, cell telephone, or <br /> data transmission. <br /> 2. The Select Board shall hold a public hearing prior to deciding an application for a Grant of Location. <br /> The public shall be permitted to speak at such public hearings, subject to reasonable time restrictions <br /> established by the Chair of the Select Board. <br /> 3. The Select Board shall cause written notice to be mailed to the owners of the properties that directly <br /> abut the portion of the public way where the Grant of Location is sought no later than the seventh day <br /> prior to the public hearing described in Section 2. <br /> 4. Applications filed pursuant to this Policy shall: <br /> a. Identify all other poles located within 500 feet of the requested location, the owner of such poles, <br /> and the owners of the equipment located thereon; <br /> b. Be reviewed by the Town of Lexington Engineering Department to determine whether the Grant <br /> of Location would create any conflict with other public works within the public way. The <br /> Engineering Department shall provide its written opinion to the Select Board. The Engineering <br /> Department may require the applicant to provide a detailed description and specifications of the <br /> structures, equipment, and other items involved, a schematic plan and photographs of the existing <br /> and proposed condition,photograph of the existing condition, a map showing the location of the <br /> structures at issue, and whatever other documentation the Engineering Department reasonably <br /> may request; <br /> c. Be reviewed by the Lexington Police Department,prior to the public hearing, to determine <br /> whether the Grant of Location would create any public safety concerns within the public right of <br /> way; <br /> d. Apply to no more than one wireless facility, cell telephone, or data array unless Applicant can <br /> demonstrate that there are no other suitable locations for such installation;provided that a <br /> wireless facility may contain more than one antenna on a pole if placed there by one Applicant; <br /> and <br /> e. Not propose any signage related to the use of the pole, other than directional,wayfinding, traffic, <br /> or message signs erected by the Town of Lexington, or its designee. <br /> 5. The Select Board may reject or appropriately condition a Grant of Location,in the sole discretion of <br /> the Select Board,if the proposed structure: <br /> a. Is located within 20 feet of a similar, existing structure; <br /> b. Is located in or near an historic district or historic asset as determined by the Lexington Historic <br /> Districts Commission or Lexington Historical Commission, and the proposed pole does not <br /> GRANTS 0111° LOCA IONATHE PU IMC W. )' Palae 10 2 <br />