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<br />BOARD OF SELECTMEN POLICY <br />REMOTE PARTICIPATION <br />Date Approved by BOS: Signature of Chair: <br />Suzanne E. Barry <br />October 30, 2017 <br />1.Purpose Statement <br />This policy establishes clear guidelines for remote participation in meetings of Lexington <br />public bodies. The policy promotes greater participation in public meetings by allowing <br />board and committee members to participate by telephone, internet, video conferencing, or <br />other forms of adaptive telecommunications when specific circumstances prevent them from <br />being physically present. However, all members of public bodies are strongly encouraged to <br />attend meetings in person whenever possible. <br />2.Enabling Authority <br />The Open Meeting Law regulations at 940 CMR 29.00, amended by the Office of the <br />Attorney General and adopted by the Lexington Board of Selectmen on March 10, 2014, <br />allow members of public bodies to participate remotely in meetings when specific <br />circumstances prevent them from being physically present. 940 CMR 29.10 (8) allows a <br />municipality to prohibit or further restrict remote participation, but does not provide for <br />making those regulations less stringent. <br />3.Applicability <br />This policy shallapply to all Lexington public bodies subject to the Open Meeting Law (e.g. <br />boards, committees, commissions and sub-committees), including the School Committee, <br />whether appointed or elected. As provided by statute, the Lexington Retirement Board is not <br />covered by this policy but may choose to adopt its own policy. <br />4.Technology <br />a)The Town does not guarantee that sufficient technology for remote participation will be <br />available for any given meeting. <br />b)If hearing assist devices are in use, the technology employed for remote participation <br />must effectively connect with the hearing assist system. <br />5.Lexington Restrictions Governing Remote Participation <br />Any costs incurred by a remote participant will not be reimbursed by the Town. <br />6.References <br />Policyadopted by the Board of Selectmen on March 10, 2014. <br />Policy revised on October 30, 2017. <br />Remote Participation Guide <br /> <br />