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TOWN CLERK'S CERTIFICATE <br />LNatha lieL Rice, Clerk of the T own ofLexington, Massachusetts, here������� <br />the adjourned session of the 20\8/�oouu|To�vn �4eetio�held on\�arcb2],20l6'Ue following <br />motion cuodoowas adopted under ARTICLE 29. <br />ARTICLE 29: AMEND GENERAL BYLAWS —NEIGHBORHOOD CONSERVATION <br />DISTRICTS <br />MOTION: That the General Bylaws of the Town be amended as set forth in the motion <br />attached to the report of the Planning Board on this article, a copy of which is on <br />tile with the Town Clerk and the Planning Board, and further that non-substantive <br />changes to the numbering of this bylaw be permitted in order that it be in <br />compliance with the numbering format o[the Code of the Town of Lexington, <br />ARTICLE g: TEXT OF MOTION, PLANNING BOARD REPORT <br />Add a new Chapter 78 to the Code of Lexington as follows: <br />Chapter 78Neighborhood CnmxorvwtiooDiofric s <br />1. PURPOSES <br />(a) This Bylaw enables the establishment ofNci�bhodzuudCmoscrvndooDisbjoa <br />Districts <br />the [o�roo[ Lexington for the ;oUnuo � (NCDs) <br />to recognize that the Town of Lexington contains unique and distinctive <br />neighborhoods and areas which contribute significantly to the overall character and <br />identity nf the Town and which are worthy ofpreservation and protection. The Town <br />aims to preserve, protect, and cnhance t!icse neighborhoods through Ole establishrnent of <br />Neighborhood ~ ' <br />(ii) to promote conservation and preservation of existing buildings; to encourage new <br />conslruction that will complernent and be cornpatihle with existing Buildings, <br />Scttings and nciglthorhood charaeter; and to Uosier appropriate reuse and upgrading o[ <br />Buildings and Structures in designated neighborhoods; <br />(iii) to provide residents and propert) owners with the oppo to participate in <br />planning the future m[ their neighborhoods; <br />(i,) to promote wider public knowledge about and appreciation for Lexington's <br />distinctive neighborhoods and their Buildings, Structures and Settings; <br />(v) and by furthering these purposes, to enhance public ‘/c]/arc by offering current <br />and potential Lexington residents o variety ufneighborhoods from which to choose, <br />thereby making the Town a more attractive and desirable place in which to live and work. <br />