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Patriot's Day <br />Lexington, Massachusetts <br />April 17, 2000 <br />This picture of Bugs Bunny as a Minuteman is a gift to the Lexington Lions Club's, U.S.S. <br />Lexington Committee, from the U. S.S. Lexington CV -2 Minutemen Club, in appreciation of their <br />dedication to preserving the memory of the five United States Naval ships christened U.S.S. <br />Lexington, and the men who served aboard those five Lexingtons. <br />About the Picture <br />In 1982 Donald E. Foster created this Bugs Bunny Minuteman for the U.S.S. Lexington CV -2 <br />Minutemen Club of which he is a life member. This picture is an enlargement of that creation. The <br />U.S.S. Lexington CV -2 was known as the minutemen ship. <br />Donald E. Foster <br />Donald E. Foster was born November 10, 1917, in Fort Smith, Arkansas. He enlisted in the U.S. <br />Navy in 1936, in Long Beach, California, and served aboard the U.S.S. Lexington CV -2 from <br />1936 to 1942. In 1945, at the end of World War II, Don was discharged from the Navy, and as he <br />wanted to be a cartoon animator he enrolled [benefit of the GI Bill] in Chouinard Art Institute in <br />Los Angeles, a training ground for the Walt Disney animators. [This is now the California Institute <br />of the Arts] After completing four years at Chouinard Art Institute Don applied for and was hired <br />by the Warner Brothers Studios as a graphic artist working with Chuck Jones, and for the next <br />twelve years he did not have a day off Their feature attractions were Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck <br />and Don did publicity sketches and animation. In 1962 Chuck Jones left Warner Brothers Studios <br />to form his own cartoon animation business and Don went with him and there he remained until he <br />retired in 1982. <br />U.S.S. Le <br />n CV -2 Min <br />,,denC,b <br />v //. "/ <br />ent L , erson <br />Chair an - ■ , ems Committee <br />