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Iq <br /> ItA � � <br /> Tobin of AxXtngton, Ifla u"Ott <br /> SELECT BOARD OFFICE <br /> r <br /> PRtjuLAMATION h <br /> Ww <br /> Whereas: peech,bigotry and vio lenc +a <br /> we are in current environment n which there is a growth�bias,hate'» and <br /> ereas: Lexington is a community committed to peaceful resolution of differences and remains dedicated to open and <br /> honest conversation/dialogue as a way to promote respect,understanding, acceptance and inclusion for all;and <br /> ereas the Town of Lexington,birthplace of American Liberty,is proud of its historic role in the American war for <br /> independence,the founding of this great country, and the adoption of its Constitution, and is respectful of our <br /> ancestors'sacrifices to attain our country's civil rights and liberties;and <br /> Whereas the citizens of Lexington regard the liberties guaranteed in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as their most <br /> precious bequest to Americans, and intend to preserve these freedoms as rightful inheritance of their posterity, <br /> and <br /> Whereas. the preservation and vitality of the rill ofRights depends not only on the President,Congress, and the <br /> Supreme Court,but primarily on our towns,neighborhoods,and our citizens to be free of intolerance and <br /> bigotry;and <br /> "areas: the Town of Lexington welcomes all people who recognize the rights of individuals to live their lives with <br /> dignity,free of discrimination and hostility. <br /> NOW, THEREFORE-, WE, THE SELECTBOARD of the Town of Lexington,Massachusetts,do hereby declare that our <br /> town is committed to making Lexi.ngton a welcoming,inclusive, and safe community for everyone, treating all people <br /> fairly and fully embracing the unique contributions of all Lexington residents. In Lexington we af'firr .that all means all <br /> people. <br /> We,declare that we stand with those people of the United States of America,who believe in the principles of the Declaration of <br /> Independence and strongly condemn those who attempt to fan the fires of bigotry and intolerance for political or other purposes. <br /> We,on behalf of all.residents of Lexington,deplore expressions and acts ofhostility, intimidation.,harassment,and other acts <br /> of intolerance and bigotry. <br /> We,hereby renew and reaffirm our commitment to ensure that all members of our community are free from:acts that are rooted <br /> in fear,ignorance,prejudice,and hate and we urge all our citizens to judge each other by the strength and qualities of their <br /> character.. <br /> N WITNESS WHEREOF, we have set our hands and caused the seal of Lexington to be affixed herewith on the 6th day <br /> of Scptcmber 2023. <br /> J0SEP4-',FATO,CHAIR SCkANNE E.11ARRY <br /> DoaJOLAs M.L6CENTE <br /> x` <br /> JILL N. I <br /> MARK D.SANDEE N <br />