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<br />GREENWAYS CORRIDOR COMMITTEE <br />Members: <br />9 members <br />Appointed By: <br />Select Board <br />Length of Term: <br /> 3 years <br />Meeting Times: <br />First Thursdays, 4:30 – 6 pm <br />Description: <br />The Greenways Corridor Committee is charged with actively <br />planning, installing and maintaining pedestrian, bicycle and other <br />greenways corridors known as ACROSS (Accessing Conservation, <br />Recreation, Open Space, Schools and Streets) Lexington, The Rick <br />Abrams Memorial Trail Network for the purpose of linking Town <br />Conservation, Recreation, and other open space parcels as well as <br />connections to regional trail systems and open space in <br />neighboring communities. <br />Deliverables: <br />In pursuit of its charge, the Greenways Corridor Committee shall: <br />1.Obtain, install and maintain appropriate route signage. <br />2.Work actively with Town Departments, Boards and <br />Committees in route planning and approvals. <br />3.Maintain contacts with neighboring municipal authorities, <br />regional planning authorities and civic groups as needed. <br />4.Identify, recommend and initiate funding requests to Town, <br />regional, state, nongovernmental organizations and private <br />sources. <br />5.Promote access to and use of the network through various <br />publicity and marketing endeavors including the design and <br />publication of map brochures and digital mapping applications. <br />6.Pursue public educational and advocacy efforts and activities to <br />advance both walking and bike riding for transportation as well <br />as recreation to decrease the amount of driving done by <br />residents. <br />Criteria for Membership: <br /> Members should have a commitment to the importance to the <br />community of developing off-road pedestrian and bicycle corridors as well as the <br />environmental benefits of preserving greenway corridor connections between disparate <br />conservation parcels and other public open space. Members should also have an interest <br />in advancing both walking and bike riding for transportation and advocating for a more <br />walkable and bikeable community. Appointments should be made to ensure broad <br />community representation. Membership should include representatives from groups such <br />as the Conservation Stewards, Citizens for Lexington Conservation, and the Friends of <br />Lexington Bikeways/Bike Lexington. <br /> <br />