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I III'I I�I <br /> �AORA(/�, <br /> .,P�r� . �..„,.,V�'... <br /> ��j . �� . ..���,:, <br /> 0���.� ���:�. <br /> � �� " �.`�`. <br /> �4,�p � � �Goi�t� of '�.exittgtntt, �.a��ac�ju�ett� <br /> �� <br /> � <br /> �'���+�+�"� `�� SELEGT BOARD OFFICE <br /> PROCLAMATION <br /> , <br /> Whereas: domestic violence is a systematic pattern of pawer and control perpetrated by one intimate partner against <br /> another,which includes,but is not limited to:intimidation,physical assault,battery,sexual assault, <br /> threats,emotionaUpsychological abuse or ather abusive behavior;and <br /> Whereas: in the United States,an average af 2Q people experience intimate partner physical vialence every minute <br /> which equates to more than 10 millian abuse victims annually; and <br /> Whereas: of those victims,nearly 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men have experienced severe physical violence by an <br /> intimate pariner in their lifetimes;and <br /> Whereas: too often,domestic violence touches the lives of children leaving a devastating impact and lifelong <br /> repercussions from the emotional and physical traurna;and <br /> Whereas: anyone can be a victirn of damestic violence regardless of age,race,sex,ability,ethnicity,sexual <br /> orientatian,socioeconomic status,or religion;and <br /> Whereas; in 2019,a Lexington woman died as a result of domestic violence;and <br /> Whereas: domestic violence remains a major public health,social justice,and human rights issue requiring <br /> particulaz attention,and its interventions must be with the inclusion af all people at all levels;and <br /> Whereas: raising awareness during the month of October provides us with a special opportunity for citizens to learn <br /> more about prevention,shaw support for the numerous organizations and individuals who provide critical <br /> services,as well as advance Lexington's efforts ta prevent and end domestic vialence;and <br /> Whereas: it is important to note that one person can make a huge difference in the life of a child ar an adult victim <br /> of domestic violence,helping thern find safety and making them more resilient to the effects af damestic <br /> violence. <br /> N�W, THEREFORE, WE, THE SELECT BOARU of the Town of Lexington,Massachusetts,do hereby proclaim the <br /> month af Octaber to be annually recognized as <br /> Domestic Yinlence Awareness Month <br /> in the Tawn of Lexingtan as we work together to eliminate domestic violence from our cammunity. <br /> IN WITN�SS WHEIZEDF, we have set our hands and caused the seal af Lexington to be affixed herewith on the 1'7th af <br /> Octaber 2022. <br /> 2. �'..� <br /> JTLL 1.HAI,C � �� JOSEP .P 'O � <br /> M <br /> SUZANNE E.BARRY GLAS M. ENTE <br /> MARK D.SA�D$EN <br />