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i►o <br /> ����.o��,, <br /> w-�hp'r2i <br /> {f F� � �3_ <br /> s4 z��,..... , p; ��a �4�tllt Df �C.�XiTCgtOtYt �.�Ii����u7JQi1Si <br /> ��h.� <br /> aos�e�'" <br /> ��`ktr�cA'�p�� SELECT BOARD OFFICE <br /> PROCLriMATI4N <br /> X i ;�1 . `i <br /> K'hereas: dyslexia is a language-based learning disability that causes difficulties with reading,writing,spel' „ . <br /> pronunciation;and <br /> Whereas: dyslexia is a language-based learning disability affecting approximately one in five people,regardless of race, <br /> gender,age,or socioeconomic status;and <br /> Whereas: the Commonwealth's most precious resource is its children,and dyslexia affects one in five in the United States,or <br /> 2U%af aur populatian;and <br /> Whereas: neurolagical in origin,dysiexia affects the way the brain pracesses information,and is characterized by difficulties <br /> with reading,writing and spelling despite normal intelligence;and <br /> Wliereas: thase with dyslexia benefit greatly from specialized assistance fram highly trained teachers,multi-sensory learning <br /> programs and individualized instruction;and <br /> Whereas: early identification,alternative instruction and extra support from teachers,family and friends can cantribute to the <br /> success dyslexic students anjoy in the classroom,in life and,later an,in emplayment;and <br /> Whereas: dyslexia is distinguished from other learning disabilities by its weakness at the phonological level,and that it is <br /> neurobiolagicat in origin;and <br /> Whereas: the anset and severity of dyslexia varies in each individuai;and <br /> Whereus: because it takes individuals with dyslexia longer to process phonemic information,the disability directly affects <br /> academic growth,achievement,and self-esteem;and <br /> Whereas: dyslexia is an unexpected disability in an individual who is af average to above average intelligence;and <br /> Whereas: it is important to provide effective teaching approaches and related clinical educational intervention strategies for <br /> individuals with dyslexia;and <br /> Whereas: Dyslexia Awareness Manth is an opportunity to acknowledge educators specializing in effective teaching strategies, <br /> �and ta celebrate the many achievements of adolescents,students,and adults with dyslexia;and <br /> Whereas: in Octaber of 2019,His Excellency;Charles D.Baker,Governar of the Comrnonwealth of Massachusetts,declared <br /> the manth of October to be,annually recagnized as Dyslexia Awareness Month. <br /> NOW, THEREFOhE, WE, THE SELECT BOARD of the Town of Lexington,Massachusetts,do hereby proclaim the month af tJctober <br /> to be,annually reeognized as <br /> Dysleacia Awa�eness Month <br /> we call this observance to the attention of all aur residents. <br /> IN T3'ITNESS WHERECIF,we have set our hands and caused the seal of Lexington to be affixed herewith on the 17th of October 2022. <br /> �� �� <br /> JILL 1.HAI,C JOSEP . TQ <br /> � � <br /> SUZANNE E,9 Y D LAS M.L TE <br /> MARIC D.SANllEEN <br />