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�liereas: far over 45 years,Pat and his wife Edith have made their hame in Lexingtan,Massachusetts <br /> where Pat cQntinuing his civic minded leadership for the benefrt af the Tawn and its residents <br /> including serving over 15 years on the Town Celebrations Committee including four as <br /> Chairman and ariginating with the approval of the Town's Selectmen, Lexington's <br /> flutstanding Yauth Award Program.Pat served as the Town's first Veterans Services Officer, <br /> organized the annual Veterans Breakfast for many years and was a co-founder of the <br /> Lexington Veterans Association. Pat was named a Paul Harris Fellow by the Ratary <br /> Foundation af Rotary International, a life member af the Lexington Minute Men Company <br /> and was the 2006 recipient af the Lexingtan Lions Club White Tricarn Hat. Of all the honars <br /> Pat received, it is his White Tricorne Hat and Triple Combat Infantry Badge he is said ta <br /> have valued the most. <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, WE THE SE�ECT BDARD of the Town 4f Lexington, Massachusetts, hereby <br /> recognize and honor posthumously <br /> Winstan E. "Pat"Flynn <br /> and name Monday, October 3, 2022 as Winston E. "Pat" Flynn Day in the Town af Le�ngton and <br /> encourage residents of all ages to participate in giving back to the Town of Lexington and the Cauntry <br /> as Pat did so well. <br /> IN WI7'NESS WHEREOF, we have set aur hands and caused the seal of Lexington to be affi�ced herewith <br /> an the 19�`of September 2022. <br /> � �. 1��� � �.�-� <br /> JILL I.HAI,C .TOSEPH N,PATO � <br /> � � � <br /> SU'LANNL�.t3ARRY f GLAS tvt. C ,TP. <br /> �,:"�,.�...�._.e � ��.�..-,'"'-^a._„., <br /> MARK I}.SANDEEN <br />