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,e <br /> ��Maati,,�c <br /> o"i' `��m,�d� <br /> �r� 9 <br /> c r � �'L;' <br /> i W� _ � � � <br /> � � . ; �LCo�n af �Eexir�gto�t, �a��ac�ju�ett� .� <br /> , ; <br /> �tfX�n� N� SE�ECT BORRD OFFICE <br /> PROCLAMATI{�N " � \ <br /> Whereus: our Faunding Fathers, in arder tQ secure the blessings of liberty far themselves <br /> and their posterity, did ordain and establish a Constitution far the United States of <br /> America; and <br /> Whereas: it is of the greatest impartance that all citizens fully understand the provisions and <br /> principles contained in the Canstitution in arder to effectively support, preserve <br /> and defend it against all enemies; and <br /> Whereas. the two hundred and thirty second anniversary of the signing of the Canstitution <br /> provides a historic apportunity far all Americans to remember the achievements <br /> af the Framers of the Constitution and the rights, privileges, and responsibilities <br /> they afforded us in this unique dacument; and <br /> Whereas: the freedoms guaranteed ta American citizens should be celebra.ted by appropriate <br /> ceremonies and activities during Constitutian Week, September 17 through 23 as <br /> designated by proclamatian af the President of the United States of America in <br /> accordance with Public Law 915. <br /> NQW, THEREFORE, WE, THE SELECT BOARD of Lexington, Massachusetts, da hereby <br /> proclaim the week of September 17 through 23 as <br /> �Ot2Stl�ttttt*OIZ �GBIt� <br /> and urge all citizens to reflect during the week on the many benefits of our Federal Constitution <br /> and the privileges and responsibilities of American Citizenship. <br /> IN YYI7NESS W�IE�ZEOF, we have set aur hands and caused the seal af Lexington to be afF'ixed <br /> herewith on the 12th day of September 2022. <br /> i. ��� -- �y-(� G",� <br /> JILL I.RAI,C � JOSFPFI N. 1'O � <br /> � <br /> SUZANNE E.B Y DO AS hi.L NTE <br /> ��:._._."'M f <br /> MARK D.SA.�DEEN <br />