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��;r+,o�x„�c <br /> a,�'' Pii <br /> �, .4 <br /> .! � � � <br /> _ �� '°= � �0�12i 0� �.eXtl� ZOT�, <br /> � v .. � g �ia���ac�jugett� <br /> �� <br /> ;�Xt�C,`��A� SEIECT BOARO OFFICE <br /> PRC}CLAMA'1`ION � ' <br /> , <br /> ,: <br /> Whereas: families,caregivers,charities and research graups across the United States abserve September <br /> as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month;and <br /> Whereas: the American Cancer Fund for Children and Kids Cancer Cannectian report cancer is the <br /> leading cause of death by disease amc�ng U.S. children between infancy and age 15. This <br /> tragic disease is detected in nearly 16,000 of our cQuntry's yaung people each and every year�, <br /> and <br /> Whereas: one in five of our natian's children loses his or her battle with cancer. Many infants, children <br /> and teens will suffer from long-term effects of comprehensive Creatment, including secondary <br /> cancers;and <br /> Whereas: founded over twenty years ago by Steven Firestein, a member of the philanthrapic Maac <br /> Factor casmetics family, the American Cancer Fund for Children, Inc. and Kids Cancer <br /> Cannectian,Inc.are dedicated tfl helping these children and their families;and <br /> Wbereas: the American Cancer Fund for Children and Kids Cancer Connectian pravide a variety of <br /> vital patient psychosocial services to children undergoing cancer treatment at Boston <br /> Chi2dren's Hospital, UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester, as well as participating <br /> hospitals throughout the country, thereby enhancing the quality of life for these children and <br /> their families;and <br /> Whereas: the American Cancer Fund far Children and Kids Cancer Connectian also spansor toy <br /> distributions, L,aughternoon- Laughter is Heating,positive appearance programs,pet-assisted <br /> therapy, KCC Supercar Experience, educational programs and hospital celebrations in hanor <br /> af a child's deternunation and bravery to fight the battle against childhood cancer. <br /> NOW, TH�REFORE, WE THE SE�ECT BOARD of the Town of Lexington,Massachusetts,hereby declare <br /> September 2022 as <br /> �hildhood�ancer Awareness Manth <br /> and urge all our citizens to reznember the young lives taken tc�o soon, stand with the families facing <br /> childhood cancer today, and rededicate ourselves to combating this terrible illness. <br /> IN WI7NESS'WHEREOF,we have set our hands and caused the seal of Lexington to be affixed herewith <br /> on the 6�'of September 2022. <br /> �. — ._.__ 4• �� <br /> JFLL l.HAI, � JOSEPH 1V.PATO /� <br /> � � <br /> SU 'VN�E.B Y � LAS M. E E <br /> .a���.____ �,� <br /> M0.RK D.S DEEN <br />