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��s MOAx�,�,�A <br /> � o <br /> < - <br /> -;g �nbatt of '�.exfngton, �a��ac�ju�ett� <br /> � � . <br /> ��. � ,' ;^ .' � s <br /> ��, SE�ECT BOARO OFFICE <br /> .,, {�:EtN 't � ' <br /> PROCLAMATION "' <br /> N'hereas: September is knawn globally as Suicide Preventian Month and throughaut the month mentalhealth advocates, <br /> prevention organizations,survivors,allies,and community members unite to promote suicide prevention <br /> awareness;and <br /> Whereas: Natianat Suicide Prevention Week is held the Manday through Sunday surrounding World Suicide Prevention <br /> Day which is observed on September 10 and overall,these abservances are intanded to promote awareness, <br /> and highlight resaurces available in our comrnunities and share stories;and <br /> Whereas: the simple goais are to leam how ta help those around us and how to talk about suicide without increasing the <br /> risk of hann;and <br /> Whereas: suicide can affect anyone regardiess of age,ability,gender,race, sexual orientatian,incame level,religion or <br /> background;and it is overall the 10�'leading cause of death in the United States and the secand leading cause <br /> of death for people ages 10-34;and <br /> Whereas: people in the United States die by suicide at a rate of about one death every 11 minutes resulting in more <br /> than 48,040 deaths by suicide each year;and <br /> Whereas: suicide is preventable and we all have a role to play in order to save fives and create healthyand strong <br /> individuals,families,and communities;and <br /> Whereas: many factors can increase the risk for suicide.For example,peaple wha have experiencedviolence,including <br /> child abuse,bullying,andlor sexual violence,are at a higher risk af suicide.Youth who are lesbian,gay,or <br /> bisexual also have higher rates of suicidal ideaeion and behavior compared to their peers who identify as <br /> straight;and <br /> Whereas: we encourage all residents to take the time ta inquire as to the wellheing af their family,friends,and neighbars <br /> during this month and to genuinely convey their appreciatian for their existence by any gesture they deem <br /> appropriate. <br /> 1VOW, THEREFCIRE, WE, �'HE SELECT BOARD af the Town of Lexington,Massachusetts,da hereby proclaim the month of <br /> September ta be annually recognized as <br /> Suicide Frevention Month <br /> in the Tawn of Lexington as we wark together to save lives in our community. <br /> IN WI?�YESS WHEREQF,we have set our hands and caused the seal af Lexington ta be affixed herewith on the 6`�of <br /> September 2022. <br /> �.���--- ����.�--- <br /> J1LL t.HAL 2 � A 7QSEPH N.PATO <br /> �Y �� <br /> Sit7.AMNE E.BARRY DOUGL , tv1.L[7CE TF, <br /> �_..._.--.....-.,. �� <br /> MARK D. A DEEN <br />