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Jy Mbt{kt <br /> � , ...,q��� <br /> v�' 4 <br /> h; - �X '� �Gatpn of �exingtott, �Ta�gttCl�Ugett� <br /> i��� �y A <br /> � '�� a' i <br /> } SELECT 80ARD OFFICE � <br /> �� <br /> � �CXtNGK4�- <br /> PROCL�l�I�TI(JN ` � G ,: r , �� � � <br /> Whereas: consumers are encouraged to, whenever possible, purchase fruits, vegetables, grains, meats, <br /> beverages, and all products made fram them that are raised, value added, and consumed in <br /> Massachusetts;and <br /> Whereas: nutritious food along with clean air and water are the necessities of life and all who work in <br /> agiculture and a sustainable foad system play an essential rote in stewarding these precious <br /> resources;and <br /> Whereas: local food outlets and praducers in Lexington, including but not limited to the Lexington <br /> Farmers' Market and the Lexington Community Farm help to build a strong sustainable local <br /> food system and serve as public and community gathering places;and <br /> Whereas: food waste collection and composting initiatives are essential to a sustainabie and regenerative <br /> food system;and are imperative to reducing waste and its associated geenhouse gas emissions; <br /> and <br /> Whereas: Lexington Public Schools are encouraged to source foods from local farmers and food producers, <br /> for the long-term health, sustainability, and economic growth of the Lexington community for <br /> future generations;and <br /> Whereas: the Lexington Farmers' Market farmers and food producers, Town composting <br /> providers,and localized energy programs contribute to the vitality of Lexington's natural <br /> ecosystems, economic resitience, and community health; and play a critical part in <br /> combating the effects of climate change. <br /> NOW,THEREFORE,WE,THE SELECT BOARD af the Town of Lexington,Massachusetts,do hereby <br /> praclaim September 20,2022 as <br /> Sustainable Foad Systems l,1ay <br /> INWITNES'SWHEREOF,we have set our hands and caused the seal of Lexington to be a�xed herewith on <br /> the 6th of September 2022. <br /> � l. �-�-� � �',� <br /> JIF.L L H,�I, IR � � IOSEPH N.PATO <br /> SU2ANNE E.BARRY � OUGL ` .LC�Cti E <br /> � <br /> <��r' ., <br /> �,�. �....-. <br /> MARK D.SANLIEEN <br />