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,0w <br /> d _7 , <br /> ��•9 <br /> Y <br /> ' r <br /> � 0.pBlL ly <br /> TOWN OF LEXINGTON <br /> FLEET ELECTRIFICATION POLICY <br /> August 23, 2021 <br /> POLICY STATEMENT <br /> To support the Town of Lexington's Sustainable Action Plan objectives, the Select Board hereby <br /> adopts this fleet electrification policy to transition its vehicle fleet to zero emission vehicles. <br /> PURPOSE <br /> The Town shall establish and maintain a comprehensive inventory of all classes of vehicles <br /> owned, operated, or leased by the Town of Lexington and or on behalf of the Town of <br /> Lexington. The Town shall establish objectives for emission reductions from those vehicles and <br /> an integrated plan and timeline with objectives for transitioning each class of vehicles to zero <br /> emission vehicles,prioritizing zero emissions vehicles, monitoring progress against those <br /> objectives, and reporting the progress against those objectives on an annual basis. <br /> The objectives of this policy are to: <br /> • Reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from the Town's vehicles <br /> • Increase the use of electric vehicles in the Town fleet <br /> • Increase the average fuel economy of each vehicle <br /> • Optimize the fleet size and minimize vehicle size, weight, and other factors affecting fuel use <br /> when appropriate <br /> • Minimize vehicle miles traveled (VMT) <br /> • Reduce total cost of ownership over the lifetime of the vehicle <br /> • Reduce vehicle noise <br /> • Maximize the use of grant funding and incentives to convert and purchase electric and <br /> emissions-reduction technology for the Town fleet and EV infrastructure. <br /> APPLICABILITY <br /> This Fleet Electrification Policy applies to all divisions and departments of the Town of <br /> Lexington. <br /> GUIDELINES <br /> The Town will establish a Vehicle Electrification Transition Plan with the following elements: <br /> 1 <br />