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!I�V,� PjII <br /> i�ill' � � I � <br /> I�I I p <br /> �Jey"M4Rq��,,. <br /> Aj'�f �O <br /> �j �A' <br /> f f � �.X^��,�.. <br /> ` � � ��`��� �Gob��t of '�exin ton, <br /> � �;, � � . bo g �a��ac�ju�ettg <br /> ��. <br /> 1�x�NCT �' SELECT BOARD OFFICE <br /> PROCLAMATI4N � ��� �� `��� '� � <br /> Whereas: Howard L. Jaffe was ordained by the Hehrew Union College-Jewish institute of Religion in 1983 and was <br /> awarded a Doctar of Divinity in 2008;and <br /> Whereas: Rabbi Jaffe served congregations in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Warren, New Jersey before coming to <br /> Lexington;and <br /> Whereas: Rabbi Jaffe has led the reform Jewish community of Lexington as Senior Rabbi of Temple Isaiah since 2000; <br /> and <br /> Whereas: Rabbi Jaffe has, throughout his career, shown his deep cornmitment to equity and equality for all, including his <br /> work as Vice Chair of the Reform Movement's Cammission on Outreach;and <br /> Whepeas; Rabbi Jaffe has inspired generations of youth and adults to repair the world and act for social justice;and <br /> Whereas: Rabbi Jaffe has continuously shared his leadership with the broad Lexington Community in numerous roles, <br /> including as a member of the Cary Library Executive Board throughout his tenure in Lexington;and <br /> Whereas: Rabbi Jaffe has demanstrated his commitment to caring, community, dignity, and respect, as the Chair of the <br /> Lexington Interfaith Clergy Association and through his work with the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization; <br /> and <br /> Whereas: Rabbi Jaffe has made significant contributions to the larger Boston community, as President of the Baston Area <br /> Association of Reform Rabbis and President of the Massachusetts Board of Rabbis;and <br /> Whereas: Rabbi Jaffe has dedicated his career to heiping people of all faiths lead meaningful lives in community;and <br /> Whereas: Rabbi Jaffe has rnodeled far the community what it means to be a mensch. <br /> NOW, TI�EREFCIRE, WE, THE SELECT BO�lRD of the Town of Lexington,Massachusetts,do hereby recognize <br /> Rabbi Howa�d�. Jaf,fe <br /> for his many years af service,not only to Lexington,but to the Jewish Comrnunity,to the Greater Boston community and ta all <br /> whose lives he touched and who have been helped by him.We extend our sincere best wishes to him on his retirement. <br /> I1V WITNESS WHEREOF, we have set our hands and caused the seai of Lexington to be affixed herewith on the 6th of June <br /> 2022. <br /> ��, � �,.. <br /> l.. �,,,✓ crt. � <br /> JIL,L�. IAI CHAIR )SEPH h PATO <br /> ,/�� � �"'�}!� 1 / <br /> � <br /> SUZANNE ARRY ) GLAS M.LUCENTE <br /> G. <br /> MARK D.SAN :EN <br />