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i ' ,�' ' <br /> �g,MORN�'yQ <br /> ♦ <br /> d,o°'� ��°� <br /> � � � <br /> K �� : s <br /> '�,,� � :n 2�CoYvn of �exington, �ag��c�ju�ett� <br /> �� <br /> M1 �1�ktNGt �F <br /> SELECT BOARD OFFICE <br /> �1 <br /> PR4CLAMATION � ' � <br /> Whereas: parks and recreation is an integral part of communities throughout this cauntry, <br /> including the Town of Lexington,Massachusetts;and <br /> Whereas: parks and recreatian promotes health and wellness, improving the physical and <br /> mental health of people who live near parks; and <br /> Whereas: parks and recreation encourages physical activities by providin,g space for popular <br /> sparts,hiking trails, swimming pool and many other activities designed to pramote <br /> active lifestyle; and <br /> Whereas: parks and recreation is a leading provider of healthy meals, nutrition services and <br /> education; and <br /> Whereas: parks and recreation programming and education activities, such as out-of-school <br /> time programming, youth sports and environmental education, are critical to <br /> childhood development; and <br /> Whereas: parks and recreation increases a community's econornic prosperity through increased <br /> property values, expansion ofthe local ta�c base, increased taurism, the attraction and <br /> retention of businesses, and crime reduction; and <br /> Whereas: parks and recreation is fundamental to the environmental well-being of our community; <br /> and <br /> Whereas: � parks and recreation is essential and adaptable infrastructure that makes our communities <br /> resilient in the face of natural disasters and climate chan,ge; and <br /> Whereas: our parks and natural recreation areas ensure the ecological beauty of aur community <br /> and provide a place for children and adults to connect with nature and recreate <br /> outdoors; and <br /> Whereas: the U.S. House ofRepresentatives has designated July as Park and Recreation <br /> Manth;and <br /> Whereas: the Town of Lexington, Massaehusetts reco,gnized the benefits derived from parks <br /> and recreation resaurces. <br /> NQW, 7'HEREFORE, WE, THE SELEC?'B�ARD of the Tawn af Lexington,Massachusetts, do <br /> hereby proelaim the month of Ju1y as <br /> .Pa�k and Recreation Mvnth <br /> in the Town of Lexington,Massachusetts. <br />