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Whereas: Abel and Kate Barbadoes were enslaved and emancipated by John Simonds of Lexington prior to <br /> 1?75; and <br /> Whereas: James George Barbadoes, grandson of Abel and Kate Barbadoes,was a founding member af the <br /> Massachusetts General Colored Association; and <br /> Whereas: on Februazy 17, 2022,the Massachusetts Senate passed 5.2704,An Act Designating July 8 as <br /> Massaehusetts Emancipation Day, also known as Quock Walker Day. <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, WE THE SELECT B4ARD of the Town of Lexington, Massachusetts, da hereby <br /> proclaim July 8, 2022 as <br /> 1V�assachusetts Emancipation �ay aka QuQck T�alker Day <br /> in the Town of Lexington and urge all of the citizens to take cognizance of this event and participate fittingly in <br /> its observance. <br /> IN WITNESS WHEREOF,we have set our hands and caused the seal of Lexington to be affixed herewith on <br /> the 23rd of Iviay 2022. <br /> � � 1. � � �,� <br /> J1LL I.H , HAtR JOSEPH N.PATO <br /> �� <br /> SUZANNE6.BARRY D6UGLASM.LUCEN <br /> r"'""�..-----..� <br /> MARK D,SANAEEN <br />