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b,' I <br /> �i �1 <br /> ,i <br /> ��art�i, <br /> d�� � ����9 <br /> � � x � <br /> ���, � ;R �CGOb�tt Ot �.CXirig#Or�, �ag�af.�jttgEt�� <br /> � r <br /> t+`x��vN` SELECT BOARD OFFICE I I i i <br /> PROCLAMATICJN <br /> Whereas: this year marks the 239th Anniversary of the third of the Quock Walker Gases that <br /> canstitutionally ended slavery in Massachusetts; and <br /> Whe�reas: Quack Walker entered the historical record on May 4, 1754,when Zedekiah Stone sold Mingo, <br /> Dinah, and 9-month-old Quock to James Caldwell of the Rutland District far 180 pounds; and <br /> Whereas: Quock Walker's parents were likely imported into Massachusetts by ship like the first enslaved <br /> Africans were imported into the l�?iassachusetts Bay Colony in 163$; and <br /> T�'hereas: in 1641 the Massachusetts Bay Colany became the first of Britain's mainland colonies ta make <br /> slavery legal; and <br /> Whereas: in 1780, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts adopted a Constitution which included Article 1, <br /> which reads, <br /> "All men are born free and ec�ual, and have certain natural, essential, and unalienable rights;among <br /> which may bs reckoned the right af enjoying and defending their lives and liberties; that of acquiring, <br /> possessing, and protecting property; in fine, that of seeking and obtaining their safety and happiness."; <br /> and <br /> Wfiereas: Reverend Jonas Clazke of Lexington served as a delegate to the Constitutianal Convention; and <br /> Whereas: in 1781,Quock Walker self-emancipated and went to work on a nearby farm in Barre, <br /> Massachusetts;and <br /> Whereas: on June 12, 1�81,a jury of the Warcester County Court of Cammon Pleas determined that <br /> �Quock Wallcer was a free man and assessed Nathaniel Jennison 50 pounds for assault and <br /> battery; and <br /> Whereas: in September 1781,Nathaniel Jennison lost his appeal to the Worcester Circuit af the Supreme <br /> Judicial Caurt;and <br /> Whereas: in 1783, Justice William Cushing, Chief Justice af the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, <br /> noted in his instructions to the jury, "the idea af slavery is inconsistent with our own conduct and <br /> Constitution"; and <br /> Whereas: the Quock Walker Cases resulted in the abolition of slavery in Lexington and across the <br /> Commonwealth of Massachusetts over 70 yeazs before President Abra.ham Lincoln's <br /> Emancipation Proclamation; and <br /> Wherea�s: Quock Walker and his siblings acquir�d property in Barre, Massachusetts and enjoyed other <br /> liberties; and <br /> Whereas: Quock Walker's peers and their children became entrepreneurs and active abolitionists wha <br /> established the Massa.chusetts General Colored Association,the first all-Black abolitionist <br /> organization in the United States,"to promote the welfare of the race by working for the <br /> destructian of slavery"; and <br />