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� <br /> s s�oxr�, <br /> �JF;'�'r M"� �' `►L <br /> 4 <br /> ��f� � � • <br /> � , ������ �obnn of '�.exingtvn, �.aggac�ju�ettg � � <br /> ��- , <br /> L tNb'� �' SELECT BOARO OFFICE � <br /> �� <br /> � <br /> PRfJCLAMATiON � � � ; , �, ��' �� <br /> :y, <br /> Whereas: at dawn,April t9, 1775 the local Lexington militia armed and formed at the Lexingtan Battle Green as the <br /> first shot reminds us all of the spirit of liberty and human dignity;and <br /> Whereas: against all odds,but with faith in the power of the Almighty and the hutnan spirit,the peaple of Lexington <br /> chailenged the overwhelming might of the greatest empire on the earkh with a spirit that craved to be free, <br /> independent and to live in a demacratic saciety that valued human equality;and <br /> Whereas: the geople of Lexington, either by choice or birth, have received this historic gift as an awesome and <br /> sacred responsibility together with the obligatian to preserve and transmit its undiminished blessings ta <br /> future generations;and <br /> Whereas: since that day in 1775,aur men and women have answered the call af freedam over and over again to rise <br /> up against tyranny,brutality and attempts to degrade the human spirit;and <br /> Whereas: if the power of good is still alive within us, deeds af human courage are called for now more than ever <br /> because of the overwhelming, destructive and coercive powers in the hands af totalitarian govemments <br /> giving them the abitity to inflict pain and death beyond human imagination or understanding;and <br /> Whereas: the brave and heraic people of Ukraine have fought their oppressors valiantly and for that have suffered <br /> beyond measure at the hands of the Russian government which, in a brutal and unprovaked invasion of a <br /> free and democratic nation, has shown its determination ta destray without conscience what it cannot <br /> possess; has made no attempt to limit destruction to military abjectives, and willingly partaken in the <br /> wanton murder,starvation and abuse of innacent civilians,women,children elderly and helpless;and <br /> Whereas: we the residents of L.exington have a special duty imposed on us as the living heritage of this place we <br /> inhabit,and in which the great step taken in the stnzggle for human dignity and independence long ago has <br /> not been forgotten.Therefore,it is our sacred duty to support and defend those wha,like our predecessors, <br /> are naw giving their all to defend their own liberty, and therefare advance for all the cause of peace and <br /> honor;and <br /> Whereas: Patriots'Day is our special occasion to obs�rve the blessing of liberty,humanity and democracy that have <br /> been given to us as a special gift by virtue of belonging to the Town of Lexington. <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, WE THE SELECT BOARD of the Town of Leatington, Massachusetts, do hereby declare that <br /> the struggle and sacrifice of the Ukrainian people shalt be recognized in our observance of Patriats' Day in April of the <br /> year 2022, we invite our residents to welcome representatives of Ukraine to participate in our celebration, and urge all <br /> freedam-laving people to offer aid and support to the Ukrainian people both here and in their native country. <br /> IN WITNESS WHEREOF,we have set our hands and caused the seal of Lexington to be affixed herewith on the 13�'of <br /> Apri12022. <br /> . �. � �,',� <br /> JILL I.HAt> 74SEP '.PATO -- <br /> � � <br /> SU NE E.B Y � OtJGLAS UCENTE <br /> ,�,.•^'e' <br /> MARK D.SANDEEN <br />