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,�y�swas���� <br /> ��*�� ��a <br /> � �� <br /> ��� ���� � �� �O�ri Ot �PJ�Ciri tOri, ��$$�C U$Ett$ <br /> �', � �� g � <br /> ,u� a <br /> a�aw.�� , <br /> '`„?�;,����,„�y�y�;a� SELECT BOARD OFFICE <br /> 2022 Outstanding Youth of Lexington <br /> The 2022 Outstanding Youth of Lexington Award is being presented this year to two deserving Lexington High School <br /> seniors. Both recipients are excellent students, dedicated volunteers, strong role models and they display outstanding <br /> leadership skills. One of the recipients is Skylar K. Spencer. <br /> Skylar K. Spencer <br /> Skylar is a very active member of the Lexington High School community as a National Honor Society Member, a <br /> member of the Girls Basketball and Girls Softball Teams and a participant in the LHS Best Buddies Program and Special <br /> Olympics. Skylar has also served as the co-leader of the Helping Homeless Club, the Lex Be Friends Club and has <br /> assisted with the Unified Basketball Team. Skylar has worked as a Lexington Recreation Camp Counselor, Inclusion <br /> Specialist and Program Leader as well as a Lexington Little League Softball Umpire. Skylar's teachers at Lexington <br /> High School commented "Skylar has figured out who she is as a student and perhaps more importantly, who she is as <br /> a person she is outgoing, self-confidant and self-assured". <br /> When asked "What Does Community Service Mean to You?" Skylar replied "Community service means I can go to <br /> college knowing that I have given back to the toxm that has given me so much. It means that I get the opportunity to be <br /> a part of the town magic I was so mesmerized by as a little girl." <br /> Skylar has also been an active member of the Lexington Youth Commission for the past four years holding various <br /> leadership roles. Most importantly her time, and dedication to the group made a difference in the community service the <br /> Lexington Youth Commission does in town. For the highly successful Flamingo Project last year during the pandemic, <br /> Skylar single handedly created the entire processing and scheduling of the flamingo displays and was the key volunteer <br /> for transporting and completing the flamboyance of flamingos throughout the town for the entire month May. <br /> Skylar is a talented student,dedicated volunteer and strong role model with exceptional leadership qualities.For all these <br /> reasons and more, it is an honor to present the 2022 Outstanding Youth Award of Lexington to Skylar K. Spencer. <br /> Congratulations Skylar! <br /> '• ���J �.�-fb <br /> JILL I.HAI, AIR JOSEP .PATO <br /> � � <br /> SUZANNE E. ARRY � D�iLAS U ,E TE <br /> �;�":"�"a�wµ�w.,�..�..�.�....� � ���.� � � <br /> �� <br /> .��"�..�.. <br /> MARK D. ANDEEN <br /> Signed.•April 13, 2022 <br />