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��!"A°��,,� <br /> �,��, �� <br /> ��," � �� <br /> �I X ��°' <br /> � <br /> �, � = ,�� 1�C0�1t Ot �.Pxiltgt0lt, ��$$�C�U$Ptt$ <br /> �, � U�� ���� �" <br /> "��""��°� SELECT BOARD OFFICE <br /> �t�tcm"�'��,,.' <br /> 2022 Outstanding Youth of Lexington <br /> The 2022 Outstanding Youth of Lexington Award is being presented this year to two deserving Lexington High School <br /> seniors. Both recipients are excellent students, dedicated volunteers, strong role models and they display outstanding <br /> leadership skills. One of the recipients is Madelyn C. Lucente. <br /> Madelyn C. Lucente <br /> Madelyn is described by her teachers at Lexington High School as a kind,hardworking student,who is willing to take a <br /> lead when tackling projects in the classroom and beyond. Her enthusiasm for the subject material is infectious and helps <br /> to motivate and engage her classmates. She volunteers her time to the benefit of the community and plays an active part <br /> in the LHS community. <br /> When asked "What does Community Service Mean to You?" Madelyn replied "Community service has played a <br /> prevalent role in my life since I was really young, mainly because I have always found joy by helping people. To me <br /> community service isn't just something to put on an application for college or just another graduation requirement, <br /> Community service, and the ability to give back to the town that raised me, is something that makes me who I am." <br /> Madelyn has been an active member of the Lexington Youth Commission for the past four years holding various <br /> leadership roles including currently serving as President. Madelyn is also the student representative on the Town's <br /> Strategic Equity Advisory Team (SEAT), a town committee striving to help further the town's diversity, equity and <br /> inclusion efforts; Madelyn is proud of her position making sure that student voices are heard. Madelyn is also an active <br /> participant in the performing arts at Lexington High School including singing in and serving as a section leader in the <br /> Honors Chorus, singing as member of the acapella group Noteworthy and participating in musical productions for all <br /> four of her high school years. Her love of the performing arts further led her to volunteer her time as a Drama Teaching <br /> Assistant at Clarke Middle School and for seven years Madelyn was an Altar Server at Sunday Mass at Saint Brigid <br /> Church. <br /> Madelyn is a talented student, dedicated volunteer and strong role model with exceptional leadership qualities. For all <br /> these reasons and more,it is an honor to present the 2022 Outstanding Youth Award of Lexington to Madelyn C.Lucente. <br /> Congratulations Madelyn! <br /> l. ��;J � �,� <br /> JILL I.HAI, HAIR JOSEP .PAT <br /> � <br /> � � <br /> S ANNE E. ARRY ,„,��OUGLAS .LUCENTE <br /> � � <br /> �^'� <br /> w_..,�..u.._,._._._.,w. <br /> r <br /> ��."....__���x��� .��"� �.�r��. -�.�. ..o <br /> MARK D.SANDEEN <br /> Signed.•April 13,2022 <br />