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� 2022 MINUTEMAN CANE AWARD <br /> � <br /> ��� �.�a9f�; The Select Board of the Town of Lexington,Massachusetts,hereby recognizes and presents <br /> Y��' `�'f the 2022 MINUTEMAN CANE AWARD to: <br /> � � LEONA MARTIN <br /> �� �:��`��� „�� The Minuteman Cane Award Selection Committee is pleased to announce that the recipient of <br /> ` � '` the 2022 award is Leona Martin. Service to the town is a hallmark of the Minuteman Cane Award, <br /> and Leona has demonstrated her dedication to serving Lexington. A Lexington resident for 57 years, Leona is among <br /> the few people of color who are long-time Lexington residents. Leona has played a vital and active role in promoting <br /> civil rights and multiculturalism in our town over many decades. Leona has always been generous with her time and <br /> gracious with the broad range of people she has come in contact with through her community involvement. <br /> Leona was a trailblazer in working on civil rights issues here in Lexington. As far back as the late 1960s, she served <br /> as Publicity Chairman for both the Lexington Civil Rights Committee and the Lexington METCO program. She was <br /> appointed by the Board of Selectman to the Lexington No Place for Hate Steering Committee and was instrumental in <br /> helping the town become a"No Place for Hate" community. In 2008-2014, she was a founding member of the <br /> Lexington Human Rights Committee. <br /> She was the first and only black member elected as Commissioner of the Lexington Housing Authority, where she <br /> served for 25 years. She was a member of the Lexington Fair Housing and Human Relations Committee for 10 years <br /> and was appointed to several other town committees. In addition, she served as a Town Meeting member for 14 years. <br /> Her interest in celebrating the diversity and multiculturalism of our community led her to help organize, and <br /> coordinate for 10 years, LexFest, a multicultural event that represented all races and cultures. Leona is well-respected <br /> as a leader and mentor for Lexington's African-American community. When the Association of Black Citizens of <br /> Lexington(ABCL) formed in 2017, they looked to Leona for guidance and her perspective on the history of civil <br /> rights efforts in the town. She served as the first chair of their Historic and Cultural Events Committee and remains an <br /> active member. She is a strong advocate for affordable housing to enable families of diverse backgrounds and <br /> financial means to be able to live in Lexington. <br /> Leona's spirit, commitment and determination have helped to make our town a more inclusive and welcoming place <br /> for all its citizens. It is therefare with great pleasure that we proclaim Leona Martin to be the 2022 Minuteman Cane <br /> Award recipient. Congratulations! <br /> Issued in grateful appreciation this 13�day of Apri12022. <br /> � �. � � � <br /> , . <br /> � � � <br /> �� <br /> �:���..���:�:.�.��...�.�.� ���� a.�� <br /> ���� �..� �� ����� <br /> Select Board <br /> .�tle ��� <br /> Chair,Minuteman Cane Award <br />