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i � <br /> ��s MC�Rk�¢ <br /> �����' �Ga1mn uf '�LLexirr t�n <br /> � g , �a��ac�ju�ett� <br /> < �� =� ► <br /> A ' <br /> x ., g . <br /> '�� � �,`� SELE�T BOARD OFFICE <br /> ��• �Y � � <br /> r���iat'' ��' <br /> � a <br /> PRtJCLAMATION � � .�h ,� 4� �� � <br /> Whereas: emergencies can occur at any time requiring police,fire ar emergency medical services;and <br /> Whereas: when an emergency occurs the promgt response of police officers,firefighters and paramedics is <br /> critical to the protection af life and preservation of property;and <br /> Whereas: the safety af our police officers and firefighters is dependent upon the quality and accuracy of <br /> information obtained from citizens who contact the Town af Lexington,Massachusetts Public <br /> Safety Dispatch Center;and <br /> Whereas: Public Safety Dispatchers are the first and most criticai contact our citizens have with emergency <br /> services;and <br /> Whereas: Public Safety Dispatchers aze the single vita.l link for our police afficers and firefighters by <br /> manitoring their activities by radio,praviding them information and insuring their safety;and <br /> Whereas: the Public Safety Dispatchers af the Town of Lexingtan have contributed substantially to the <br /> apprehension of criminals,suppression af fires,treatment af patients and comfort to resident <br /> callers;and <br /> Whereas: each Public Safety Dispatcher has exhibited compassion,understanding and professionalism during <br /> the performance of their job in the past year. <br /> NOW, THEREF�RE, WE, THE SELECT BOARD of the Town of Lexington,Massachusetts do hereby <br /> proclaim the week of April l Q to 16,2022 as: <br /> National Public S'afety �'elecommunicators Week <br /> in the Town of Lexington and call upon all citizens to join us in recognizing the Town af Le3cington Public <br /> Safety Dispatchers whose diligence and professionalism keep aur town and citizens safe. <br /> IN WITNESS WHEREOF,we have set our hands and caused the seal of Lexington to be affixed herewith on <br /> the 215t of March 2022. <br /> 1. �-�� 2. �..� <br /> JILL I.HAI,CHA A JOS H .PATO <br /> � v � i <br /> � <br /> SUZANNE E.BARR DOU ' S .LL'CENTE <br /> �"'� <br /> MARK D.SANDEEAI <br />