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HISTORIC DISTRICTS COMMISSION (HDC) <br /> Members: 5 full,4 Associates <br /> Appointed by: Select Board <br /> Length of Term: 5 years <br /> Appointments made: January 1 <br /> Meeting Times: 1st Thursday of every month <br /> Description: The Historic Districts Commission is responsible for reviewing and approving all plans within the <br /> Lexington Historic Districts for construction,demolition, exterior renovations,color changes,and signs. <br /> Criteria for Membership: <br /> INDIVIDUAL:Individuals involved with this committee should have a sense of dedication to historical heritage, <br /> historical preservation,and to the special townscape of Lexington and the concept of architectural compatibility. A <br /> full member who has served consecutively for the equivalent of two full terms(10 years)or more,shall not be re- <br /> appointed until after a lapse of at least one year. <br /> Two appointments are made from four candidates nominated by the Lexington Historical Society,one from two <br /> candidates nominated by The Lexington Chamber of Commerce,one from two candidates nominated by the <br /> trustees of the Cary Memorial Library and one member selected at large by the Select Board.Four associate <br /> members are appointed for 5 year terms from nominations by the same organization. <br /> COLLECTIVE:The Select Board seek members with the following backgrounds: <br /> •Legal training and experience <br /> •Historical training or experience <br /> •Training in architecture,architectural history and aesthetics <br /> •Training and/or experience in graphic design <br /> •Membership in the local business community <br /> Ref.: MGL Chapter 40C §4 <br /> Chapter 447,Acts of 1956 <br /> Chapter 185,Acts of 1958 <br /> Chapter 579,Acts of 1966 <br /> Chapter 268,Acts of 1976 <br /> Chapter 375,Acts of 1982 <br /> Selectmen designated as Special Municipal Employees on April 24, 1963. <br /> Selectmen reaffirmed designation as Special Municipal Employees on January 18,2006. <br /> Amended by Chapter 301,Acts of 2020 <br />