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exington uman Rights Committee <br />Article L Name <br />The Committee shall be named the Lexington Human Rights Committee (LHRC). <br />Article II. Mission <br />Promote Lexington's vision of a community that has as core values freedom from <br />b igotry, hatred, intolerance, disrespect, and destructive conflict among its citizens,, <br />Build a stronger, more unified Town that respects and recognizes both our diversity and <br />our commonalities. <br />Confront statements and actions that conflict with the core values expressed above. <br />Foster respectful, civil, public discourse and debate. <br />Article III. Function of the Committee <br />The LHRC shall carry out its mission, related to the core values expressed above, <br />through: <br />• Public advocacy <br />• Sponsoring educational programs <br />• Helping other organizations and Town departments address conflict through <br />consultation and mediation with the parties involved <br />• Reporting civil rights violations to appropriate government agencies <br />• Assisting in planning responses to groups, internal or external to the Town, which <br />advocate actions antithetical to the core values expressed in Article II <br />The LHRC focus shall be matters that directly affect Lexington rather than matters that <br />are primarily of statewide, national, or international concern. As a committee it shall <br />avoid partisan politics or legislative lobbying or litigation. <br />It may work with like committees of other localities and with organizations with which it <br />shares a common purpose, and should use any available materials, advice, or assistance <br />from other organizations, that may be helpful in accomplishing its mission. <br />It shall meet at least six times a year. Among other items on the agenda shall be a review <br />of human-rights -related incidents in the Town since the last meeting, regardless of <br />whether the LHRC was involved in responding to the incident. <br />