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July 1, 2013 <br />A regular meeting of the Board of Selectmen was held on Monday, July 1, 2013, at 7:00 p.m. in <br />the Selectmen Meeting Room of the Town Office Building. Chairman Mauger, Mr. Kelley, Mr. <br />Cohen, Mr. Manz and Mr. Pato; Mr. Valente, Town Manager; and Ms. Pease, Executive Clerk, <br />were present. <br />Public Comment <br />Mr. Hadley, Public Works Director, updated the Selectmen on the 300th Clock. It is currently <br />not keeping time properly and the DPW is working to get it repaired as soon as possible. <br />Selectmen Concerns and Liaison <br />Mr. Manz reported that the new Parklet opened and has been very successful. <br />Mr. Cohen thanked the Town Manager and staff for the successful Fiscal Year 2013 that ended <br />on June 30, 2013. <br />Town Manager Report <br />Mr. Valente reported on six items: <br />1. Three Police Officers have been promoted to Sergeant (Keven Veno, Alex Hegenah and <br />Colleen Dunbar - McLean). The promotions are the result of an assessment center process <br />that was negotiated in the last Police contract and replaces the Civil Service written test. <br />2. The Town received a grant of $49,721 from the Department of Energy Resources -Green <br />Communities Division to convert the High School Parking Lot lights to LED's. The <br />remaining $20,987 cost for the project will be funded by NStar. After the project is <br />implemented, it is anticipated approximately $10,000 in energy savings will be realized. <br />3. First quarter real estate and personal property tax bills were mailed out and had a mistake that <br />said bills were due August 1, 2014 instead of August 1, 2013. Staff is looking at ways to <br />notify residents. <br />4. The Animal Shelter work is almost complete and the shelter should open in about two weeks. <br />Staff is working with their counterparts from Bedford and Arlington on the logistics of <br />sharing the building. <br />5. The Parklet opening was made possible by public and private donations. Seasons Four <br />donated the tables, chairs and planters and the Lexington Field and Garden Club filled the <br />planters. <br />6. Mr. Valente introduced the new Management Intern, Melissa Jones. <br />Liquor Hearing — Transfer Liquor License to Beijing Cuisine <br />Ms. Mauger opened the hearing at 7:10 p.m. <br />Selectmen's Meeting — July 1, 2013 <br />