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LEXINGTON SCHOOL COMMITTEE MEETING <br /> Tuesday, December 4, 2018 <br /> Lexington Town Office Building,Selectmen's Meeting Room <br /> 1625 Massachusetts Avenue <br /> Call to Order and Welcome: 7:02 p.m. <br /> Chair Eileen Jay welcomed and introduced committee members. <br /> SCHOOL COMMITTEE MEMBERS PRESENT <br /> Eileen Jay, Chairperson <br /> Kate Colburn, Vice-Chairperson <br /> Kathleen Lenihan, Clerk <br /> Deepika Sawhney <br /> Alessandro Alessandrini <br /> SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS PRESENT <br /> Dr. Julie Hackett, Superintendent <br /> Peter Rowe, Interim Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations <br /> Dr. Christine Lyons, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Professional <br /> Learning <br /> NOT PRESENT: <br /> Rosanna Jiang, Student Rep <br /> The minutes were taken by Kristen Cronin, Executive Assistant to the School Committee and <br /> Administrative Assistant to Superintendent <br /> SCHOOL COMMITTEE ANNOUNCEMENTS: <br /> Kathleen Lenihan: Wished everyone who is celebrating a Happy Hanukkah. Ms. Lenihan had <br /> the pleasure of attending the Lexington High School A Capella Jam on Saturday, December 1st. <br /> It was an amazing event and thanked the Tufts Beelzebubs for their attendance and <br /> performance. <br /> Deepika Sawhney: Ms. Sawhney reported on the LEF Donor event that was held earlier in the <br /> evening. Ms. Sawhney was very impressed by the caliber of teachers and staff at the round <br /> circle event and came away with a real appreciation for teachers and staff at Lexington Public <br /> Schools. <br /> Kate Colburn: Ms. Colburn echoed Ms. Sawhney's comments regarding LEF Donor event. The <br /> overall purpose of the event was to bring together teachers and administrators who had <br /> received LEF Grants over the years so they could share how they use their LEF Grant Funds. It <br /> was a very inspirational and moving event. <br /> 1 <br /> LSC Meeting 12/04/18 <br /> Approved 12/18/18 <br />