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HISTORIC STRUCTURE REPORT <br />The Stone Building <br />LEXINGTON, MA <br />The maintenance plan is in two sections, first showing requirements for a building which has had the <br />exterior preserved and the second a maintenance plan for a fully renovated building with an addition. <br />Appendices include research bibliography, the unabridged research methodology and structural report, <br />pricing estimating and outline specifications for the recommendations, copies of presentations, and copies <br />of photographs taken during the report research portion of the project. <br />Summary <br />Grounded realism should be joined with vision and energy in imaging and describing a future for the <br />Stone Building. The legacy of this building, just as the necessities that created and sustained it over nearly <br />two centuries, should be celebrated actively — not just remembered. To preserve it is to do more than keep <br />the roofs weather tight — its future must be logical, visionary and compelling. We have been consistently <br />impressed with the interest and commitment of the Town Administrator, Community Preservation <br />Committee, Historical Commission, the Special Stone Building Committee of the Permanent Building <br />Committee, the Heritage Center Committee, and the Lexington Library System. Collaboration, creativity <br />and insight amongst these groups brought this project to its current place in time, and will be necessary to <br />move it to the next stage. <br />Menders, Torrey & Spencer, Inc. viii <br />2009 <br />