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2012 Annual Town Meeting <br />March 26, 2012 <br />(See Warrant File for Warrant) <br />The first session of the 2012 Annual Town Meeting was called to order by Moderator <br />Deborah J. Brown at 7:30 p.m., Monday, March 26, 2012, Cary Memorial Hall; a <br />quorum of 178 present. <br />The Lexington Minutemen, accompanied by the William Diamond Fife and Drum Corps, <br />posted the colors. <br />Town Clerk Donna M. Hooper read the Warrant for the Meeting until waived. The Town <br />Clerk read the Constable's Return of the Warrant. <br />The Moderator, outlined procedural matters and plans for upcoming sessions. The <br />Moderator declared the meeting open under Article 2 for the duration of the meeting. <br />ARTICLE 2: ELECTION OF DEPUTY MODERATOR AND <br />REPORTS OF TOWN BOARDS, OFFICERS, COMMITTEES <br />The Moderator moved Rodney Cole be appointed Deputy Moderator for the duration of the <br />meeting. Adopted Unanimously. <br />7:30 p.m. Moderator Deborah Brown called a recess for announcements of the Town <br />Meeting Members Association at which recognition was given to members having served <br />30 and 40 years. <br />7:56 p.m. Moderator Deborah Brown called the meeting back to order and called for a <br />moment of silence for deceased members Angela Frick, Donald Graham, Mary <br />McDonough and Robert Whitman. The Moderator recognized the celebration of birthdays <br />for Town Meeting Member Dan Fenn and former Moderator Margery Battin. <br />ARTICLE 2: ELECTION OF DEPUTY MODERATOR AND <br />REPORTS OF TOWN BOARDS, OFFICERS, COMMITTEES <br />8:00 p.m. Selectman Hank Manz moved the Report of the Lexington 300t' <br />Anniversary Celebration Committee of the Town Celebrations Committee, be received and <br />placed on file. <br />8:02 p.m. Susan Rockwell and Tanya Morrisett, Lexington 300th Anniversary <br />Celebration Committee [subcommittee of Town Celebrations Committee] reported. <br />8:18 p.m. Selectman Hank Manz moved the report of the Cary Lecture Series <br />Committee be received and placed on file and that the Committee be dissolved. <br />Adopted Unanimously. Committee member Rita Goldberg reported. <br />8:22 p.m. Presented by Rita Goldberg. <br />ARTICLE 3: APPOINTMENTS TO CARY LECTURE SERIES <br />MOTION: That a committee of three be appointed by the Moderator to have the <br />charge of the lectures under the wills of Eliza Cary Farnham and Suzanna E. Cary for the <br />current year. Adopted Unanimously. <br />8:24 p.m. Selectman Hank Manz moved Articles 27, 28, 29, and 30 be taken up. <br />Motion Adopted. <br />8:24 p.m. Presented by Selectman Hank Manz. <br />ARTICLE 27: ESTABLISH QUALIFICATIONS FOR TAX DEFERRALS <br />AND EXEMPTIONS <br />MOTION: That this article be indefinitely postponed. <br />8:24 p.m. Mr. Manz explained indefinite postponement. <br />8:25 p.m. Adopted Unanimously. <br />8:26 p.m. Presented by Selectman Peter Kelley. <br />ARTICLE 28: ACCEPT MGL CHAPTER 200A SECTION 9A <br />(Alternative Procedure for disposing of Abandoned Funds) <br />MOTION: That the Town hereby accepts Section 9A of Chapter 200A of the <br />Massachusetts General Laws. <br />8:26 p.m. Peter Kelley reviewed the importance of adoption for disposing of un- <br />cashed checks issued by the town, and reported support of the Board of Selectmen. <br />8:28 p.m. Adopted Unanimously. <br />