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498 <br />ATT031TEY GE1Eo,3_ALq S APP_,10V_LL OF AIU_ I C LE 17 AS <br />TOWN MEETING HELD OCTO=i �0 IQ <br />A rt J e <br />17. VOTED: To adopt a civil defense <br />CIVIL, DEFENSE BY-LATI OF TH8 TOWN <br />VOTED AT SPECIAL <br />n� <br />by law as f ollccATs: <br />OF 1-EXINGTON <br />SECTJ 1, DEPAiTiL OF CTIIL DEFENSE. There is <br />hereby, established, a department of civil defense (here- <br />inafter called the " department " ) . It shall be the <br />function of the department to have charge of civil de- <br />fense as defined in Section 1 Chapter 639, Ac o 19 <br />and to perform civil defense functions as authorized or <br />directed by said chaptpr or; bye any and all executive <br />orders or general regulations promulgated thereunder, <br />and to exercise any authority delegated to it by the <br />governor under said Chapter 639,, - <br />SECTION 2. DIaECTOR OF C]TVI DEFENSE. The department <br />shall bb under the direction of a director of civil de® <br />J <br />fence (hereinafter called the "director") who shall be <br />appointed by the bo�rd of selectmen® The director shall <br />have direct responsibility for the organization, admire® <br />is and operation of the department, subject to <br />the direction and control of the board of selectmen, and <br />shall receive such salary, if any as subject to approp- <br />riation, may be fixed from time to time by the board of <br />selectmen. The director may, within the limits of the <br />amounts appropriated therefor and with the approval of <br />the board of selectmen, appoint such experts, clerks and. <br />Other assistants as the work of the department ma7 <br />q u i r re- <br />re and may remove them, and, within the limits afore- <br />said may make such expenditures as may be necessary to <br />exe3ut . effectively the - purposes of Chapter 630, Acts <br />of 1 <br />The director shall also have authority, 'with the approval <br />Of the board of selectm to appoint district co-ordinators <br />and may accept and receive on behalf of the town, subject <br />to approval of the board, of selectmen services, equi7t.- <br />Ment, supplies materials or furds by way, of -qift, grant <br />)r loan r <br />n for purposes of civil defense offered by the <br />federal government or any agency or qffioer thereof or <br />any person, firm or cor subject to the terms of <br />the offer and the rules and regulations, if any, of the <br />agency making the offer. TIne director shall cause app- <br />ro records to be kept of all matters relating to <br />such gifts, grants or loans® <br />SECT 011 CIVIL DEFENSE AaTISO-JY COUMICIL. There is <br />\1 3 <br />hereby= established a civil defense advisory -council <br />(hereinafter called the "council"), Said co shall <br />serve - viit - h y cat - oa and shall consis of the director of <br />civil - defense and such other department heads and such <br />other persons as the board of selectmen may deem- nec- <br />essar. Such member of said council as said board of <br />Se <br />.1 shall from time to time designate shall serve <br />as chairman of said council. Said council shall serve <br />subject to the direction and control of the board of <br />selectmen and shall advise said board and the director an <br />m a t t e r s P -_ r t a i n - 1 ng o o i - \7 , ft e f ease <br />. <br />T <br />SECTION 4, 1 1: 1 0-L,1 1 0E _ 7-0 OTHEa CITIES _AND TJ111IMS IN EVENT <br />OF n'10TS 0-2 OTHEJ1 VIOLENCE THERE IN. The - police depart- <br />ment is 'nerebv authorized to go to aid another city or <br />V <br />town at the request of said 3it.y or tc-A in the the supp- <br />_ssion of riots or other forms of violence the <br />whenever directed so to do by the chief of t polioe <br />de T the appro of the director. <br />L, <br />SECTTOT 1� TEPLIINAT F BY L.At� s <br />-, -1 - _ 01 This b y , -law sn <br />remain in force OnI17 dUr , Tlc� the effective Period of <br />Chapter 639, - =Tits of 1950 and any act or amendment or <br />continuation thereof or siibstitution <br />