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Article 17. SECTION 6® DEFINITION. All references to Chapter 499 <br />(Cont•) 639 Acts of 1950 as now in force, shall be applicable <br />to any act or acts in amendment or continuation of or <br />substitution for said Chapter 639® <br />Carried Unanimously 8:29 P. XE <br />I. James J. Carroll, Town Clerk Town of Lexington, do hereby <br />certify the above to be a true-and-exact copy of Article 17 as voted <br />2t the Special Town Meeting held Uctober 30, 1950 and as same appears <br />on record. <br />one J. - Cari-oZI, Town Clerk <br />j /, <br />Boston, Mass ®, November 28, 1950 <br />The foregoing by-law Is hereby approved® <br />ATTORNEY GENERAL'S APPROVAL OF ARTICLE 41 AS PASSED AT THE ADJOURNED <br />TOWN MEETING i1ELD MARCH 24 19520 <br />Article 41. VOTED: To amend the General By-Laws • adding thereto <br />new Article to be known - as Article XXVII and entitled <br />"School Traffic Patrol" and to read as follows: <br />Lexingtqfi� Hass., April 3, 1952 <br />I frk • f the�'Twn of Lexingtn, • o hereby <br />1. James e o o • J. Carroll, Town/C <br />certify the above to be a true and exact' of Article 41 as passed <br />at the Adjourned Town Meeting held March 24, 1952 and as same appears <br />on record, <br />Town - Clerk <br />Boston, Mass® f /` April 2 3 9 1952 <br />The foregoing by-laws are hereby approved® <br />/Signed/ Francis Attorney General <br />