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..�g MYlqp1'� <br /> ld a!� <br /> � <br /> ��+ � <br /> <��� <br /> vN� ` <br /> '�� � � � ' �GO�12Y Df �.Px[TCgtDli, �.a�£�AC�JU��1�$ <br /> 55 � Y � <br /> p�.� <br /> ..,,���Xt tdGKp� <br /> SELEGT BOARD OFFICE <br /> � <br /> li� <br /> r <br /> X y <br /> 1'R(�CLAMATION <br /> Whereas: during the month of June,Pride celebrations are held across the United States in <br /> recognition of the Stonewall Uprising, the birth of the modern LGBTQ+rights <br /> movement 50 years ago; and <br /> Whereas: LGBTQ+people have cantributed to Lexingtan's rich history since its inception over 340 <br /> years aga; and <br /> Whereas: Pride means using our rights and resources to encourage all residents to <br /> participate fully in the vibrant life of our cc�mtnunity; and <br /> Whereas: every 3une, LexingtQnians organize inclusive Pride events to celebrate our diverse <br /> community of LGBTQ+people, families, friends, and allies; and <br /> Whereas: celebrating Pride and displaying Pride banners are visible ma.nifestations af <br /> Lexington's commitment to full inclusian of our LGBTQ+residents. <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, WE, THE SE�EC'T BOARD of the Town of Lexingtan,Massachusetts do hereby praclaim <br /> June 13, 2021 (and the day after the second Saturday in June in years hence) to be <br /> Pride Da� <br /> in the Town of Lexington, Massachusetts and encourage all citizens to jain us in recognizing and saluting Pride <br /> in the LGBTQ+community. <br /> BE IT FZTRTHER PROCLAIMED that we call upon all citizens of the Tawn of Lexingtan, Massachusetts to <br /> observe the week of June 6 to 13, 2421 {and the week leading up to Pride Day in years hence) as <br /> Prid'e �Neek <br /> IN WITNESS WHERE4F, we have set our hands and caused the seal of Lexingtan ta be affixed herewith on the <br /> 24`h of 1VIay 2021. <br /> . � k���� � � <br /> JILL I. R H N.P O <br /> � � <br /> S ANNE E. t1RRY fiiL CENTE <br /> ��.� <br /> MARKD.SANI?�,EN <br />