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November 12,2019 Special Town Meeting#1 (2019-1) <br /> Deputy Town Moderator Barry Orenstein called the 2019 Special Town Meeting#1 to order at 7:30 <br /> p.m.,Tuesday,November 12,2019 in the Margery Milne Battin Hall in the Cary Memorial Building, <br /> 1605 Massachusetts Avenue.A quorum in excess of 100 members was present. <br /> Town Clerk,Nathalie L.Rice,read the Warrant for Special Town Meeting 2019-1 until waived.The <br /> Town Clerk read the Constable's Return of Service. <br /> The Deputy Town Moderator made announcements,welcomed new Town Meeting Members, <br /> discussed parliamentary procedures and called for the testing of the electronic voting units. <br /> 7:34 p.m. The Deputy Town Moderator declared Special Town Meeting#I open under Article 1. <br /> ARTICLE 1:REPORTS OF TOWN BOARDS,OFFICERS AND COMMITTEES <br /> 7:34 p.m. There were no reports presented at the commencement of the meeting. <br /> 7:36 p.m. Douglas Lucente,Chair,Board of Selectmen,moved to take up Article 5.Motion <br /> Adopted. <br /> 7:36 p.m. Presented by Sandhya Beebee,Town Meeting Member,Pct. 1. <br /> ARTICLE 5:ZONING AMENDMENT FROM CD-1 DISTRICT TO CSX <br /> DISTRICT-7 HARTWELL AVENUE(OWNER PETITION) <br /> MOTION:That: The Zoning Bylaw,Chapter 135 of the Code of the Town of Lexington,and the <br /> Zoning Map of the Town of Lexington be amended by changing the district designation of the land <br /> known as 7 Hartwell Avenue and identified as Map 84,Lot 81 on the Assessor's Map be rezoned <br /> from the CD-1 district to the CSX district. <br /> Oil <br /> My <br /> Figure 1:Existing Zoning <br /> KEY: <br /> 1 � � <br /> i f r <br /> warmaril, <br /> IaWrr tiJF��r' �✓IrUVllialgr <br /> r � 11 IdJJy/ <br /> U91r!/N,IhV,�ar!"�'Jfi14/ GU'4'�" nN <br /> �1/�JJ,rn1,,h�IJ�YJII11I,,�aah'rr!„�, -CD-1 <br /> 4L .r y.. <br /> CSX <br /> W ' <br /> PikFigure 2:Proposed Zoning <br />