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March 25,2019 Annual Town Meeting <br /> The 2019 Annual Town Meeting,held in the Margery Milne Baffin Hall in the Cary Memorial <br /> Building, 1605 Massachusetts Avenue,commenced with the William Diamond Fife and Drum <br /> Corps leading the Lexington Minutemen to post the colors,followed by the playing of the <br /> National Anthem.Moderator,Deborah Brown,called the meeting to order at 7:35 p.m.A <br /> quorum in excess of 100 members was present. <br /> Town Clerk,Nathalie Rice,read the Warrant for the Annual Town Meeting until waived.The <br /> Town Clerk read the Constable's Return of Service. <br /> 7:36 p.m. The Moderator declared the Meeting to be in recess and recognized State <br /> Representative Michelle Ciccolo who presided over an Awards Ceremony to recognize students <br /> from Lexington High School(LHS)and Minuteman Regional Vocational Technical High School <br /> (MMRH S).Ms. Ciccolo noted that the students"showed unlimited potential"and thanked their <br /> parents and the Lexington community for"sustaining them in their journey".Principal Andrew <br /> Stephens of LHS and Assistant Principal George Clement of MMRHS highlighted the <br /> accomplishments of their students;Representative Ciccolo presented certificates. <br /> 8:11 P.M. The Moderator declared the meeting back in order and declared Town Meeting <br /> open under Article 2. <br /> ARTICLE 2: ELECTION OF DEPUTY TOWN MODERATOR AND REPORTS OF <br /> TOWN BOARDS AND COMMITTEES <br /> MOTION: That Barry Orenstein be approved as Deputy Moderator. <br /> 8:12 p.m. Suzanne Barry,Chair,Board of Selectmen,moved the election of Deputy Town <br /> Moderator,Barry Orenstein. She reported the unanimous support of the Board of Selectmen. <br /> 8:12 p.m. The Moderator called for a voice vote.Unanimously Adopted. <br /> 8:13 p.m. The Moderator made announcements and called for the testing of the electronic <br /> voting devices with the intention of using the voting devices for the 2019 Annual Town Meeting. <br /> She welcomed new Town Meeting Members and reviewed parliamentary procedures. <br /> 8:20 p.m. The Moderator declared that Articles 30 and 31 would be taken together but <br /> would be voted separately. She moved to take up the Articles.Motion Adopted. <br /> 8:22 p.m. Presented by Lin Jensen,Pct. 8. <br /> ARTICLE 30:AMEND TOWN BYLAWS—REDUCING/BAN POLYSTYRENE <br /> MATERIALS(Citizen Article) <br /> MOTION: That the Town amend its Code of Bylaws by adding a new Bylaw,Chapter 82,as follows: <br /> Chapter 82. Expanded Polystyrene(EPS)Food Serviceware and Packaging <br /> Reduction <br /> §82-1.Purpose and intent. <br /> The purpose of this bylaw is to reduce and eliminate the sale and distribution of single-use <br /> Expanded Polystyrene(EPS)Food Serviceware and Packaging in all Food Establishments,retail <br /> stores,and Town Buildings or Premises in the Town of Lexington.Due to the use of petroleum, <br /> benzene,styrene and other harmful chemicals in its production,the manufacturing and improper <br /> disposal of EPS could have detrimental impacts on the environment and human health. After its <br /> short-lived use,EPS is not recyclable in municipal programs,does not degrade in landfills,persists <br /> for hundreds of years and can accumulate in the environment and wildlife. <br /> By restricting the sale and distribution of single-use EPS Food Serviceware and Packaging in <br /> Lexington and requiring it to be replaced with,preferably Reusable or Compostable products,or <br /> non-EPS products,the bylaw will help protect public health and the natural environment, <br /> waterways and wildlife. <br /> §82-2.Definitions. <br /> EXPANDED POLYSTYRENE(EPS) <br /> A type of petroleum-based plastic often referred to as"foam"or"Styrofoam."It is not recyclable <br /> in local municipal programs. Common examples of EPS include clamshell food containers, <br />