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November 13,2018 Special Town Meeting#1(2018-1) <br /> Moderator Deborah Brown called the 2018 Special Town Meeting#1 to order at 7:30 p.m.,Tuesday, <br /> November 13,2018 in the Margery Milne Battin Hall in the Cary Memorial Building, 1605 <br /> Massachusetts Avenue.A quorum in excess of 100 members was present. <br /> Town Clerk,Nathalie L.Rice,read the Warrant for Special Town Meeting#1 until waived.The <br /> Town Clerk read the Constable's Return of Service. <br /> The Moderator made announcements,welcomed new Town Meeting Members,discussed <br /> parliamentary procedures and called for the testing of the electronic voting units. <br /> 7:34 p.m. The Moderator declared Special Town Meeting 41 to be in recess. <br /> 7:35 p.m. Suzanne Barry,Chair,Board of Selectmen,welcomed new Town Manager,James <br /> Malloy.(Mr.Malloy had been sworn in on October 1,2018.) <br /> 7:37 p.m. The Moderator called Special Town Meeting#I back to order and open under <br /> Article 1. <br /> ARTICLE 1:REPORTS OF TOWN BOARDS,OFFICERS,COMMITTEES <br /> 7:39 p.m. John Bartenstein, Chair,Appropriation Committee,moved the Report of the <br /> Committee be received and placed on file.Unanimously Adopted. <br /> 7:39 p.m. Charles Lamb,Chair,Capital Expenditures Committee,moved the Report of the <br /> Committee be received and placed on file. Unanimously Adopted. <br /> 7:39 p.m. Ms.Barry moved to take up Article 9.Motion Adopted. <br /> 7:39 p.m. Presented by Edmund Grant,Town Meeting Member,Pct. 6. <br /> ARTICLE 9: PETITION FOR CHANGE OF ZONING DISTRICT AND ZONING MAP <br /> MOTION: That this matter be referred back to the Planning Board. <br /> 7:39 p.m. Mr.Grant asked the Moderator to recognize Robert Buckley,counsel for 7 Hartwell <br /> Avenue,LLC.Mr.Buckley briefly addressed the proposed rezoning and stated that he hoped to give <br /> the current occupant of the property,the Russian School of Mathematics,a permanent home in <br /> Lexington. <br /> 7:42 p.m. Richard Canale,member,Planning Board moved the Report of the Board on Article 9 <br /> be received and placed on file.Unanimously Adopted.Mr.Canale stated that the proposal needed <br /> further study and that the Board anticipated productive discussions with the proponent in the coming <br /> months. <br /> 7:42 p.m. Joseph Pato,member,Board of Selectmen,reported unanimous support of the Board. <br /> 7:43 p.m. With no further discussion,the Moderator called for a voice vote on Article 9.Motion <br /> Adopted. <br /> 7:43p.m. Presented by Andrew Friedlich,Town Meeting Member,Pct. 5. <br /> ARTICLE 10:AMEND ZONING BYLAY—55&56 WATERTOWN STREET <br /> 1\IOTION:That: <br /> (a) the Zoning Bylaw,Chapter 135 of the Code of the Town of Lexington,and <br /> the Zoning Map of the Town of Lexington be amended by rezoning the <br /> land identified as Map 3,Lot 15(formerly a portion of the land previously <br /> identified as Map 1,Lot 2A)and Map 3,Lot 16(formerly a portion of the <br /> land previously identified as Map 3,Lot 2A) on the Assessor's Map,and <br /> described in a certain metes and bounds description and certain plans on <br /> file with the Planning Board and the Town Clerk as part of a Preliminary <br /> Site Development and Use Plan dated October 17,2018(the"PSDUP") <br /> from the current RO One Family Dwelling District to a Planned <br /> Development District to be identified as Planned Development District-3 <br /> ("PD-3")as described in said PSDUP;and <br /> (b) the zoning regulations and dimensional standards identified in the <br /> document entitled the"Zoning Text"provided as Tab 7 to the PSDUP,on <br /> file with the Planning Board and the Town Clerk,and the plans identified <br /> thereto as Appendices Al,A2,A3,and A4,shall apply to said district PD- <br /> 3. <br />