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March 26, 2018 Annual Town Meeting <br /> Moderator Deborah Brown called the 2018 Annual Town Meeting to order at 7:31 p.m., Monday, <br /> March 26, 2018, at the Margery Milne Battin Hall in the Cary Memorial Building, 1605 Massachusetts <br /> Avenue. A quorum in excess of 100 members was present. The William Diamond Fife and Drum <br /> Corps led the Lexington Minutemen to post the colors, followed by the playing of the National <br /> Anthem. <br /> Town Clerk, Nathalie Rice, read the Warrant for Annual Town Meeting until waived. The Town Clerk <br /> read the Constable's Return of Service. <br /> 7:38 p.m. The Moderator made announcements and called for the testing of the electronic voting <br /> devices with the intention of using the voting devices for the 2018 Annual Town Meeting. She <br /> welcomed new Town Meeting Members and reviewed parliamentary procedures. She offered <br /> remembrances of long-standing Town Meeting Members, Ephraim Weiss and Richard Michelson; a <br /> moment of silence was held in their honor. <br /> ARTICLE 2: ELECTION OF DEPUTY TOWN MODERATOR AND REPORTS OF TOWN <br /> BOARDS AND COMMITTEES <br /> MOTION: That Barry Orenstein be approved as Deputy Moderator. <br /> 7:53 p.m. Suzanne Barry, Chair, Board of Selectmen, moved the election of Deputy Town <br /> Moderator, Barry Orenstein. She reported the unanimous support of the Board of Selectmen. <br /> 7:55 p.m. The Moderator called for a voice vote. Unanimously Adopted. <br /> 7:56 p.m. Ms. Barry moved to receive and place on file the Report of the Cary Lecture Series. <br /> Unanimously Adopted. <br /> 7:56 p.m. Presented by Rita Goldberg, Pct. 2, Chair, Cary Lecture Series. <br /> ARTICLE 3: APPOINTMENTS TO CARY LECTURE SERIES <br /> MOTION: That a committee of four be appointed by the Moderator to have the charge of the <br /> lectures under the wills of Eliza Cary Farnham and Suzanna E. Cary for the current <br /> year. <br /> 7:57 p.m. Ms. Goldberg presented the Cary Lecture Series Report, summarizing the <br /> accomplishments of the previous year and highlighting upcoming lectures. <br /> 8:03 p.m. Following a voice vote, the Moderator declared Article 3 Unanimously Adopted. <br /> 8:04 p.m. The Moderator declared the Meeting open on Article 33. <br /> 8:05 p.m. Presented by Ricki Pappo, Pct. 2, Town Meeting Member. <br /> ARTICLE 33:AMEND TOWN BYLAW-BAN PLASTIC BAGS (Citizen Article) <br /> MOTION: To amend the Town Bylaws by adding a new Bylaw, Chapter 81: <br /> CHAPTER 81 <br /> PLASTIC BAG REDUCTION BYLAW <br /> Section 1. Purpose and Intent <br /> The Purpose of this bylaw is to eliminate the usage of thin-film single-use plastic bags by all retail and grocery <br /> stores in the Town of Lexington. The production and use of single-use bags have significant impacts on the <br /> environment, including, but not limited to: contributing to pollution of the land environment and waterways; <br /> contributing to the potential death of marine and other wildlife through ingestion and entanglement; clogging <br /> storm drainage systems; littering Lexington's streets,parks,public places, and local waterways; creating a <br /> burden to solid waste collection and recycling facilities;requiring the use of millions of barrels of crude oil <br /> nationally for their manufacture. <br /> Section 2. Definitions <br /> 2.1 Checkout bag: A carryout bag provided by a retail or grocery store to a customer at the point of sale. <br /> Checkout bags shall not include bags, whether plastic or not, in which loose produce or products are placed by <br /> the consumer to deliver such items to the point of sale or checkout area of the retail or grocery store. <br /> 2.2 Grocery Store: A retail establishment where more than fifty percent(50%) of the gross floor area is <br /> devoted to the sale of food products for home preparation and consumption, which typically also offers <br /> home care and personal care products. <br /> 2.3 Retail Store: An establishment that offers the sale and display of merchandise within a building. <br /> 2.4 Reusable checkout bag: A bag, with handles, that is specifically designed for multiple use and is made <br /> of thick plastic, cloth, fabric or other durable materials excluding polyethylene or polyvinyl chloride. <br />