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CAPITAL EXPENDITURES COMMITTEE <br />TOWN OF LEXINGTON <br />5 r"OR& <br />V) <br />i <br />t7' <br />APRIL 19T" <br />L�xINGT <br />ERRATA TO THE REPORT TO THE <br />SEPTEMBER 21, 2016 SPECIAL TOWN MEETING <br />2016 -5 <br />(Released September 14, 2016) <br />Released October 26, 2016 <br />Submitted by: <br />Jill I. Hai, Chair <br />David G. Kanter, Vice -Chair <br />Rodney Cole <br />Charles Lamb <br />Wendy Manz <br />This publication provides three corrections to the Committee's report: <br />Pie 3. In the 3rd full - paragraph's list of bulleted items: <br />a. In the 2nd item, after "(DD) ", add "(without Construction Documents (CD)) ". <br />b. In the 4d` item, change "DD" to "CD" and move that entire item to be immediately <br />after the next item ( "Hold Debt - Exclusion Referendum.... "). <br />Pie 9. Replace the last sentence with: "The requested appropriation would raise the SF's <br />balance of $21,138,523 as of July 31, 2016, to $23,017,294." <br />