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June 16,2014 Special Town Meeting <br /> Moderator Deborah Brown called to order the 2014 Special Town Meeting,Monday,June 16, <br /> 2014 at 7:30 p.m.,Margery M.Battin Hall,Cary Memorial Building;A quorum of 157 members <br /> present. <br /> Town Clerk Donna M.Hooper read the Special Town Meeting Warrant until waived. The Town <br /> Clerk read the Constables Return of Service. <br /> The Moderator reviewed the procedures for the hand-held voting units and welcomed Sarah <br /> Nathan, newly elected Precinct 3 Town Meeting Member,elected by precinct members to fill <br /> the recent vacancy. <br /> ARTICLE 1: REPORTS OF COMMITTEES <br /> 7:40 p.m. Glenn Parker,pr.3,moved the report of the Appropriation Committee be received& <br /> placed on file. Unanimously Adopted. <br /> 7:41 p.m. Jill Hai,pct.4,moved the report of the Capital Expenditures Committee be received <br /> &placed on file. Unanimously Adopted <br /> 7:42 p.m. Marilyn Fenollosa,pr.5,moved the report of the Community Preservation <br /> Committee be received&placed on file. Unanimously Adopted. <br /> 7:42 p.m. Charles Horning,pr.8,moved the report of the Planning Board be received&placed <br /> on file. Unanimously Adopted. Mr.Hornig reported on the zoning articles and announced the <br /> resignation of Board member Gregory Zurlo,effective June 17,2014. <br /> 7:50 p.m. Presented by Edmund Grant,pr.6. Mr. Grant reported he will recuse himself from <br /> voting on articles 2- 4. Mr. Grant reviewed procedures to be followed by the proposed <br /> developer, Artis Senior Living, and referenced the revised MOU in the evening's handouts. <br /> Moderator Deborah Brown recognized Jay Hicks, Senior Vice President, Artis Senior <br /> Living. Approved by Attorney <br /> General Martha <br /> 7:52 p.m. Mr.Jay Hicks presented Posed July 22,2014. <br /> ARTICLE 2: AMEND ZONING BYLAW—430 CONCORD AVENUE <br /> MOTION: To amend the Code of the Town of Lexington Zoning By-Law Sections and <br /> the Zoning Map of the Town of Lexington by changing the district designation of the <br /> land described in a certain metes and bounds description and certain plans on file with the <br /> Planning Board from the current RO One Family Dwelling District to a CD Planned <br /> Commercial District with certain specified uses(pursuant to the provisions of Town of <br /> Lexington Code 135-7)said property being commonly known as Town Assessors'Map <br /> 10,Parcel 8,430 Concord Avenue,and to allow construction of a new building on the <br /> property of approximately 34,000 square feet together with parking and other <br /> improvements to be known as Artis Senior Living,and to approve the"Preliminary Site <br /> Development and Use Plan for the Planned Commercial District at 430 Concord Avenue, <br /> Lexington,Massachusetts"(the"PSDUP")filed with the Lexington Town Clerk and <br /> Planning Board April 24,2014,revised June 9,2014,and to approve standards for <br /> development,uses permitted,dimensional standards and other provisions contained <br /> within the PSDUP. <br /> 7:53 p.m. Mr.Hicks reviewed requested zoning and development,the background of the <br /> Artis Senior Living corporation,and the particulars proposed in developing the site at 430 <br /> Concord Avenue as a memory care assisted living facility. <br /> 8:12 p.m. Charles Hornig moved the report of the Planning Board under Article 2 be <br /> received and placed on file. Unanimously Adopted. <br /> Mr.Hornig reported on Article 2,with support of the Planning Board,4 in favor, 1 opposed. <br /> 8:15 p.m. Selectman Deborah Manger reported the full support of Board of Selectmen. <br /> 8:19 P.M. Glenn Parker,reported full support of the Appropriation Committee. <br /> 8:20 p.m. Philip Hamilton,Conservation Commission,spoke on the Commission's support. <br /> 8:20 p.m. David Kessler,20 Barberry Rd,spoke in opposition. <br /> 8:24 p.m. Planning Board Chairman Charles Hornig responded to questions on property <br /> frontage,sewer easement,and other possible property use. <br /> 8:27 p.m. Hank Manz,pr.9,spoke in favor of articles 2,3,4. <br /> 8:29 p.m. Robert Rotberg,pr.3,spoke in opposition. <br /> 8:32 p.m. MaryJo Bohart,Chamber of Commerce,spoke in support of the proposed facility. <br /> 8:33 p.m. Robert Harris,500 Concord Ave,spoke in opposition. <br />