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2010 Annual Town Meeting <br /> March 22,2010 <br /> (See Warrant File for Warrant) <br /> The first session of the 2010 Annual Town Meeting was called to order by Moderator Deborah J. <br /> Brown at 7:30 p.m.,Monday,March 22,2010,Cary Memorial Hall;a quorum of 170 present. <br /> The Lexington Minutemen,accompanied by the William Diamond Fife and Drum Corps,posted <br /> the colors. The Moderator called for a moment of silence in honor of Donald Gillespie,retired <br /> long-time Music Director at Lexington High School. <br /> Town Clerk Donna M.Hooper read the Warrant for the Meeting until waived. The Town Clerk <br /> read the Constable's Return of the Warrant. <br /> The Moderator,outlined procedural matters and plans for upcoming sessions. The Moderator <br /> declared the meeting open under Article 2 for the duration of the meeting. <br /> ARTICLE 2: ELECTION OF DEPUTY MODERATOR AND <br /> REPORTS OF TOWN BOARDS,OFFICERS,COMMITTEES <br /> The Moderator moved Deborah Strod be appointed Deputy Moderator for the duration of the <br /> meeting. Adopted Unanimously. <br /> 7:57 p.m. <br /> The Moderator declared a recess for a report of the Town Manager on recent flooding. <br /> Town Manager Carl Valente summarized recent events and actions taken in response to an <br /> approximate 7"rainfall received over a 48-hour period. <br /> 8:02 p.m.Meeting called back to order. <br /> Selectman Norman Cohen moved receipt of the report of the Cary Lecture Series. <br /> Nancy Shephard reported on the four presentations this year. Adopted Unanimously. <br /> 8:06 p.m.Presented by Selectman Norman Cohen. <br /> ARTICLE 3: APPOINTMENTS TO CARY LECTURE SERIES <br /> MOTION: That a committee of three be appointed by the Moderator to have the charge of <br /> the lectures under the wills of Eliza Cary Farnham and Suzanna E. Cary for the <br /> current year. <br /> Adopted Unanimously. <br /> 8:07 p.m. <br /> ARTICLE 2: ELECTION OF DEPUTY MODERATOR AND <br /> REPORTS OF TOWN BOARDS,OFFICERS,COMMITTEES <br /> Richard Canale moved the Report of the Planning Board(articles 37-42)be received and placed on <br /> file. Unanimously Adopted. <br /> Planning Board Chairman Gregory Zurlo presented brief remarks. <br /> 8:14 p.m. The Moderator explained proposed article order,articles 37-41. <br /> Selectman Norman Cohen moved articles 37-41 be taken up. Adopted Unanimously. <br /> 8:14 p.m. Presented by Charles Hornig,pr.8. <br /> ARTICLE 37: AMEND ZONING BY-LAW, FOOD RELATED USES <br /> MOTION: That the Zoning By-Laws of the Town be amended as set forth in the motion <br /> attached to the report of the Planning Board on this article,and further that <br /> nonsubstantive changes to the numbering of this bylaw be permitted in order that <br /> it be in compliance with the numbering format of the Code of Lexington. <br /> ARTICLE 37 MOTION FROM PLANNING BOARD REPORT: <br /> That the Zoning Bylaw, Chapter 135 of the Code of the Town of Lexington, be amended as follows <br /> (underlining shows additions,strike-throughs show deletions): <br /> 1. Amend the definition of "Drive-In Restaurant"in§135-8 to read as follows: <br /> DRIVE-IN FOOD SERVICE — An establishment primarily for dispensing food or beverage for <br /> consumption in a car on the premises. <br /> DRIVE-IN RESTA I io^niT FOOD SERVICE—An establishment primarily for dispensing pFepared food or <br /> beverage to perseR in a car on the premises. <br /> 2. Add the following definition after the definition of "DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT"and before the <br /> definition of"DRIVEWAY"in§135-8: <br /> DRIVE-THROUGH FOOD SERVICE —An establishment primarily for dispensing food or beverage to <br /> persons in a car. <br />