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Lexington Capital Expenditures Committee (CEC)— Information Handout—April 5, 2011 <br />2011 Annual Town Meeting Article 7, DPW Compost Operations Revolving Fund <br />Information on Capital - Related Projects <br />As we routinely cite in our report to Town Meeting, even if the funding for acapital- related project is <br />being requested through the general authority provided for a revolving fund, we recommend that all such <br />capital - related projects be explicitly described to Town Meeting by the proponents before the funding is <br />authorized. That, however, was not done with regard to two projects contemplated in FY2012 under the <br />subject revolving fund; therefore, we are providing this handout to ensure Town Meeting is aware of the <br />nature of those projects. The CEC had been briefed on those projects and our approval of them is in our <br />written report, along with the planned uses of the requested funds. (See Pages 30 & 31 of our report.) <br />Culvert Replacement ($65,000) <br />In this case, we believe quoting from the Town's FY2012 Recommended Budget & Financing Plan, <br />February 28, 2011 the "Brown Book" page XI -15, will suffice for what would likely have been the <br />essence of a presentation: <br />The three corrugated metal pipe arch culverts under the access road to the Hartwell Avenue <br />Compost Facility have failed due to rust and separation at the pipe connection joints. Significant <br />sinkholes have developed in the roadway as a result. Replacing these pipe culverts will allow for <br />continuous and safe access to the compost facility as well as proper storm water flow through the <br />culverts. This request is for survey, design and permitting of the repairs. Funds for construction <br />will be requested at a subsequent town meeting...." <br />Compost Facility Green Waste (Anaerobic Facility) Study ($52,000) <br />While the "Brown Book, page XI -15, said the following: <br />The Board of Selectmen has requested staff to assess the Hartwell Avenue compost site as a <br />location for a privately operated "green waste" processing facility. Such an operation, through a <br />process known as anaerobic digestion, would convert green waste (food stuffs and vegetative <br />matter) into energy and compost. <br />we offer the following additional information that would likely have been the significant points made in a <br />presentation and provides what we feel is further, important, insight into the background and scope of the <br />proposed project. (The following consists of extracts from the Executive Summary of a dra t report, <br />Preliminary Evaluation of a Source Separated Organics Facility at the Hartwell Avenue Landfill Site, <br />March 2011, by Camp Dresser &McKee Inc., which has been funded with $12,050 of the balance <br />remaining from the appropriation made at the 2003 Annual Town Meeting under Article 8(I)— Landfill <br />Closure. While you should remember the report is still only a draft, and therefore specific details may <br />change when it is final, it is our understanding the fundamental positions are most likely to remain, as <br />cited.) <br />"The Town of Lexington currently operates a successful leaf and yard waste composting facility at the <br />closed Harwell Avenue Landfill Site. Because of the success of this facility as well as changing <br />regulations that propose to ban source separated organics such as food and vegetative waste and tax <br />incentives for energy generation, the Town retained Camp Dresser & McKee Inc. (CDM) to evaluate the <br />potential to site a facility that accepts source separated organics at the Landfill Site. This report <br />summarizes the findings of CDM's evaluation including discussions with potential vendors, a meeting <br />with representatives of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP), meetings <br />with local officials including the Board of Health, and a detailed review of the regulatory requirements for <br />this type of facility at the closed landfill. <br />"In summary, the proposal to evaluate a source - separated organics facility at the Hartwell Avenue <br />Landfill Site merits further investigation. This would include issuing the appropriate procurement <br />documents to allow private vendors to provide the Town with proposals to permit, construct and operate <br />the facility at the Landfill Site. The following is a summary of CDM's conclusions and <br />recommendations." <br />Page 1 of 2 <br />