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Cary Lecture Series Committee <br />Report to Town Meeting <br />March 25, 2015 <br />Madame Moderator, <br />As every year, it is a pleasure to report to Town Meeting on the Cary Lecture <br />Series. As you may recall, the series is wholly supported by the Isaac Harris Cary Fund, <br />set up by the Cary sisters in 1921. Each year we are able to offer four free lectures to the <br />citizens of Lexington. The Committee thanks the fund trustees for their continued <br />support of our efforts. <br />Because of the renovations to Cary Hall, including Battin Auditorium, we met at <br />Clarke Middle School this year. Miraculously, we didn't have to cancel or postpone any <br />of our events, because none were scheduled for January or February —a bit of inadvertent <br />wisdom on our part! <br />All four of our speakers were engaging and lively. The 2014 -2015 season began <br />on October 25th with Dr. Michael Rich of the Harvard Medical School and Harvard <br />School of Public Health, whose talk was co- sponsored by the Lexington League of <br />Women Voters and was entitled "Raising Your Digital Native: Parenting in a World of <br />Screens ". A number of concerned parents came to hear him and were glad they did, I <br />think. <br />We continued with the eminent cellist Yehuda Hanani on November 8. He spoke <br />on the interrelationship of music and painting, and also treated us to a Bach partita. <br />On December 6, the Lexington Global Warming Action Coalition co- sponsored a <br />lecture by Susan Solomon, Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate Science at <br />MIT and member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. She called her talk <br />"A Tale for our Times: The Reasons for Climate Gridlock ". Despite the seriousness of <br />her subject, she remained optimistic about the prospects for meeting the challenges <br />ahead. <br />Our final speaker, on March 7, 2015, was Gregory Maguire, whose title was "No <br />Rest for the Wicked: The Author of Wicked on Reading, Writing and Broadway ". The <br />lecture was co- sponsored by Cary Library, which did a fantastic job helping us with <br />publicity and volunteers. Many children and families attended this session. The talk was a <br />raving success and included four magnificent decorated cakes that were served to the <br />audience after the talk, courtesy of the creative and generous staff at Wilson Farm. I think <br />that there may be more cake in our future, now that we know what we were missing! <br />At this point we have two speakers firmly scheduled for 2015 -2016: Harvard <br />professor Steven Pinker, and the Globe art critic Sebastian Smee. Others are in process. <br />As you may have noticed from my description, we are trying to increase our <br />partnerships with other entities in town, because we have an embarrassment of riches in <br />Lexington and want to cooperate, rather than compete, with other groups that sponsor <br />lectures. We continue to reflect on our Saturday night slot. Indeed, Steven Pinker will be <br />coming on a weeknight because of his own schedule, and we'll observe closely. <br />We are also thinking about the structure of the Committee. We will lose one of <br />our four members, Susan Emanuel, who is resigning during this coming year, and we are <br />trying out a new idea: including one or two associate members who can help with the <br />