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<br />rd <br />ERRATA TO CAPITAL EXPENDITURES COMMITTEE REPORT TO 2015 ATM & STMs (Mar 23) <br /> <br />CEC <br />APITAL XPENDITURES OMMITTEE <br />TL <br />OWN OF EXINGTON <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />ERRATA TO THE REPORT TO THE <br />2015 ANNUAL TOWN MEETING (ATM) <br />& <br />2015 SPECIAL TOWN MEETINGS, March 23, 2015 (STM) <br />(Released March 16, 2015) <br />Released March 19, 2015 <br /> <br />Submitted by: <br />Jill I. Hai, Chair <br />David G. Kanter, Vice-Chair <br />Elizabeth DeMille Barnett <br />Rodney Cole <br />Wendy Manz <br />This publication provides two corrections to the CommitteeÈs report: <br />Page 6: In the table, last column (ÅTotal Suppl AmountÆ), for ÅReceived to dateÆ, change <br />Å$10,150,506Æ to Å$11,380,622Æ, and for ÅTotals including projectedÆ, change Å$11,077,506Æ to <br />Å$12,307,622Æ. <br />Page 32: In the table, correct the ÅFund Authorization RequestedÆ from Å$4,080,00Æ to <br />Å$4,080,000Æ. <br /> <br />