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00 <br /> OJS Op 17 D <br /> 0 <br /> MEMORANDUM <br /> TO: Deborah N. Mauger, Chairman - Board of Selectmen <br /> FROM: Donna M. Hooper, Town Clerk Iva- <br /> DATE: October 11, 2013 <br /> RE: June 17, 2013 Special Town Meeting <br /> Office of the Attorney General By-Law Approval <br /> This office has received notice from the Attorney General, dated September 25, 2013, of <br /> approval of the amendments to the Zoning By-Law voted at the June 17, 2013 Special <br /> Town Meeting <br /> Zoning By-Law: <br /> Article 4 —Amend Zoning By-Law—Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers <br /> In accordance with Chapter 40, Section 32 of the Massachusetts General Laws, copies of <br /> Attorney General approval of the By-Law articles so noted are being published in a Town <br /> Bulletin. Amendments to the General Bylaws take effect on the date of posting. Zoning By- <br /> Law amendments are deemed to have taken effect from the date voted by Town Meeting. <br /> cc: <br /> Town Manager <br /> Deputy Town Manager <br /> Assistant Town Manager for Finance <br /> Town Counsel <br /> Planning Board <br /> Appeals, Board of <br /> Health, Board of <br /> Building Commissioner <br /> Moderator <br />