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<br />TOWN WARRANT <br /> Town of Lexington <br /> Special Town Meeting <br />Commonwealth of Massachusetts Middlesex, ss. <br />To any of the Constables of the Town of Lexington Greetings: <br />In the name of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, you are hereby directed to notify the inhabitants of the <br />Town of Lexington qualified to vote in elections and in Town affairs to meet at Cary Memorial Building, in <br />said Town on Wednesday, May 6, 2009 at 7:30 p.m., at which time and place the following articles are to be <br />acted upon and determined exclusively by the Town Meeting Members in accordance with Chapter 215 of the <br />Acts of 1929, as amended, and subject to the referendum provided for by Section eight of said Chapter, as <br />amended. <br />ARTICLE 1 REPORTS OF TOWN BOARDS, OFFICERS, COMMITTEES <br />To receive the reports of any Board or Town Officer or of any Committee of the Town. <br /> (Inserted by the Board of Selectmen) <br />ARTICLE 2 AMENDMENT TO PRELIMINARY SITE DEVELOPMENT AND USE PLAN <br /> 125, 131 AND 141 SPRING STREET <br />To see if the Town will vote to amend the previously approved Preliminary Site Development and Use Plan <br />approved during the May 2004 Town Meeting for the property known as Lexington Technology Park, by <br />amending the zoning provisions as follows: to increase the Floor Area Ratio from .15 to .24 which will permit <br />the development of an additional 380,000 gross square feet of research/office space beyond the originally <br />approved gross floor area, together with related parking, off-site mitigation, standards for development, <br />dimensional standards, and other provisions contained within the PSDUP. In addition, the dimensional <br />standards applicable to the amended PSDUP would permit an increase in the maximum permitted height at <br />specified locations as detailed within the PSDUP. The proposed site alterations are further detailed on the <br />Preliminary Site Develop Development and Use Plan entitled “Conceptual Site Plan” dated February 23, 2009 <br />prepared by Symmes, Maini a& McKee Associates” (the “PSDUP”) which is on file with the Planning Board <br />and the Town Clerk, or act in any other manner in relation thereto. <br />(Submitted by Patriot Partners LLC, the Property Owners) <br />DESCRIPTION: The proposed zoning amendment would amend the previously approved PSDUP <br />known as Lexington Technology Park within this existing Planned Commercial Development District. <br />This would allow construction of an additional 380,000 square feet in excess of the originally approved <br />square footage on the 95.6-acre site together with additional parking and other improvements as shown <br />on the amended PSDUP and noted above. <br /> <br /> <br />