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June 17, 2013 Special Town Meeting <br /> Moderator Deborah Brown called the June 17, 2103 meeting to order at 7:30 p.m., Battin <br /> Hall, Cary Memorial Building. A quorum of 142 present. Town Clerk Donna M. <br /> Hooper read the Warrant until waived. The Town Clerk read the Constables Return. <br /> 7:32 p.m. Moderator Brown reviewed the meeting's procedures. Joseph Pato reviewed <br /> the voluntary paper-based vote recording process for the meeting. <br /> ARTICLE 1: REPORTS OF COMMITTEES <br /> 7:37 p.m. Alan Levine moved the report of the Appropriation Committee be <br /> received and placed on file. Adopted Unanimously <br /> 7:38 p.m. Presented by Jeanne Krieger, pr. 3. <br /> ARTICLE 2: APPROVE TIF AGREEMENT(S) <br /> MOTION:That the Town: (a) approve the fundamental terms and <br /> conditions, including but not limited to the tax exemption percentage schedules <br /> contained therein, of the Tax Increment Financing ("TIF") Agreement dated June 17, <br /> 2013, (b) delegate to the Board of Selectmen the execution of the TIF Agreement; (c) <br /> approve the designation of the location of the 113 Hartwell Avenue Economic <br /> Opportunity Area (EOA), as the parcel shown on Assessors Map 74, Lot 8A; (d) approve <br /> the Tax Increment Financing Plan dated June 17, 2013; (e) authorize the Board of <br /> Selectmen to submit an application to the Massachusetts Economic Assistance <br /> Coordinating Council ("EACC")for the designation of the 113 Hartwell Avenue EOA; <br /> (f) authorize the Selectmen to make minor modifications to these documents as may be <br /> needed prior to submission to the EACC; (f) authorize the Board of Selectmen to execute <br /> any other documents related to and consistent with the TIF Agreement and submit such <br /> documents to the EACC; and (g) authorize the Board of Selectmen to take action to <br /> enforce or terminate the TIF Agreement, including requesting that EACC decertify the <br /> TIF Plan, in the event that UniQure or King 113 Hartwell LLC fail to substantially <br /> comply with the TIF Agreement as determined by the Board of Selectmen. <br /> Jeanne Krieger, and uniQure representative Stephen Gorgol, presented and reviewed <br /> proposal for development of 113 Hartwell Avenue. <br /> 7:45 p.m. Alan Levine, Appropriation Committee, reported the support of the <br /> Appropriation Committee and presented the Committee's report. <br /> 7:49 p.m. Selectman Joseph Pato reported the unanimous support of the Selectmen. <br /> 8:04 p.m. Gregory Zurlo reported the support of the Planning Board (3 in favor, 2 <br /> opposed), and presented the report. <br /> 8:09 P.M. John McWeeney, Economic Development Advisory Committee, spoke in <br /> favor. <br /> 8:15 p.m. Peter Milano, Massachusetts Office of Business Development, reviewed <br /> possible financial incentives from the Commonwealth and methods by which incentives <br /> could link to any local support. Stephen Gorgol, uniCure, explained the Lexington <br /> presence would be with the uniCure entity that is incorporated in the United States. <br /> 8:17 p.m. Town Counsel Kevin Batt responded to questions on the agreement format. <br /> 8:18 P.M. Members spoke in support and opposition, questioning job creation, <br /> corporate viability of uniCure, and transportation systems available to the site. <br /> Mary Jo Bohart reported the support of the Lexington Chamber of Commerce. <br /> Melisa. Tintocalis_ Economic Development Coordinator_ responded to transnortation <br />