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<br />2012 Special Town Meeting <br />November 19, 2012 <br />(See Warrant File for Warrant) <br />The Special Town Meeting of Monday, November 19, 2012 was called to order by Moderator <br />Deborah Brown at 7:30 p.m., Margery Milne Battin Hall; a quorum of 157 present. The <br />Moderator welcomed members to the newly named Margery Milne Battin Hall in honor of the <br />contributions of former Selectman and Moderator Margery Milne Battin to Lexington during her <br />residence of over 60 years. <br />Town Clerk Donna M. Hooper read the Warrant for the Meeting until waived. The Town Clerk <br />read the Constable’s Return of the Warrant. <br />7:35 p.m. The Moderator reviewed procedures and called a recess for an update from the <br />thth <br />Lexington 300 <br /> Anniversary Celebration Committee. Lexington 300 Anniversary Celebration <br />Committee Events Co-Chair Jessie Steigerwald reviewed with members the plans for a Mock <br />Town Meeting in conjunction with Lexington Public Schools and the eighth grade class. <br />7:45 p.m. The Moderator recognized Town Meeting members Margery M. Battin, Daniel Lucas, <br />and Georgia Williams, who recently passed away. <br />ARTICLE 1: REPORTS OF TOWN BOARDS, OFFICERS, COMMITTEES <br />Glenn Parker, Appropriation Committee Chair, moved the report of the Appropriation <br />Committee be received and placed on file. Unanimously Adopted <br />Beth Masterman, Capital Expenditures Committee, moved the report and errata of the Capital <br />Expenditures Committee be received and placed on file. Unanimously Adopted <br />7:49 p.m. Selectman Chair Deborah Mauger moved articles 8 and 6 be taken up in that order. <br /> Unanimously Adopted. <br />7:49 p.m. Presented by Jeanne Kreiger, pr.3. <br />ARTICLE 8: APPROVE TIF AGREEMENT(S) <br />MOTION: <br /> <br />That the Town: (a) approve the fundamental terms and conditions, including but not limited to <br />the tax exemption percentage schedules contained therein, of the Tax Increment Financing <br />("TIF") Agreement dated November 16, 2012, (b) delegate to the Board of Selectmen the <br />execution of the TIF Agreement; (c) approve the designation of the location of the 95 Hayden <br />Economic Opportunity Area (EOA), as the parcel shown on Assessors Map 17, Parcel 22; (d) <br />approve the Tax Increment Financing Plan dated November 16, 2012; (e) authorize the Board of <br />Selectmen to submit an application to the Massachusetts Economic Assistance Coordinating <br />Council ("EACC") for the designation of the 95 Hayden EOA; (f) authorize the Selectmen to <br />make minor modifications to these documents as may be needed prior to submission to the <br />EACC; (f) authorize the Board of Selectmen to execute any other documents related to and <br />consistent with the TIF Agreement and submit such documents to the EACC; and (g) authorize <br />the Board of Selectmen to take action to enforce or terminate the TIF Agreement, including <br />requesting that EACC decertify the TIF Plan, in the event that Vistaprint USA, Incorporated or <br />Two Ledgemont LLC fail to substantially comply with the TIF Agreement as determined by the <br />Board of Selectmen. <br />7:50 p.m. Michael Greiner, Vice President & Chief Accounting Officer and Thomas Dusel, <br />President & Chief Operating Officer, Hobbs Brook Management LLC discussed request and <br />Jeanne Kreiger reviewed justification for support. <br />8:05 p.m. Selectman George Burnell requested Town Manager Carl Valente be recognized for <br />a report. Mr. Valente reported. Mr. Burnell the reported the Selectmen’s unanimous support of <br />the motion and the growth of the commercial tax base. <br />Selectman Chair Deborah Mauger reported support. <br />8:27 p.m. Joe Pato, pr.2, Appropriation Committee Chairman, reported the support of the <br />Appropriation Committee (6-2). <br />8:34 p.m. Appropriation Committee member Alan Levine spoke to the reasons for support. <br />8:39 p.m. Richard Canale, Planning Board, spoke on the Board’s lack of position. <br />8:42 p.m. John McWeeney, Economic Development Advisory Committee, spoke in support. <br />8:45 p.m. Members spoke in opposition and support, questioning the property, its <br />development rights and assessment. Town Counsel Kevin Batt and Town Manager Carl Valente <br />responded. <br /> <br />