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<br />2011 Special Town Meeting <br />November 14, 2011 <br />(See Warrant File for Warrant) <br />The Special Town Meeting of Monday, November 14, 2011 was called to order by Moderator <br />Deborah J. Brown at 7:30 p.m., Cary Memorial Hall; a quorum of 166 present. <br />Town Clerk Donna M. Hooper read the Warrant for the Meeting until waived. The Town Clerk <br />read the Constables Return of the Warrant. The Moderator, outlined procedural matters. <br />7:40 p.m. The Moderator declared the meeting open under Article 1 for the meetings duration. <br />ARTICLE 1: REPORTS OF COMMITTEES <br />7:41 p.m. Appropriation Committee Chairman Glenn Parker moved the report of the <br />Appropriation Committee be received and placed on file. Unanimously Adopted. <br />Capital Expenditures Committee Chairman Charles Lamb moved the report of the Capital <br />Expenditures Committee be received and placed on file. Unanimously Adopted. Mr. Lamb <br />commented briefly. <br />7:42 p.m. School Committee Chair Mary Ann Stewart moved the report of the School <br />Committee be received and placed on file. Adopted. Ms. Stewart reported on the Estabrook <br />School building project. <br />7:42 p.m. Presented by Mary Ann Stewart, School Committee Chairperson <br />ARTICLE 2: APPROPRIATE FOR BRIDGE AND BOWMAN SCHOOL <br /> RECONSTRUCTION <br /> <br /> MOTION: <br />That the Town appropriate $21,670,000 to pay costs of remodeling, <br />reconstructing and making extraordinary repairs to the Bridge and Bowman Schools, located <br />at 55 Middleby Road and 9 Philip Road, respectively, including the payment of costs of <br />architectural and engineering services, original equipment and landscaping, paving and other <br />site improvements incidental or directly related to such remodeling, reconstruction or repair; <br />that to meet this appropriation, the Treasurer, with the approval of the Selectmen, is <br />authorized to borrow $21,670,000 under and pursuant to Chapter 70B and/or Chapter 44, <br />Section 7(3A) of the General Laws, or pursuant to any other enabling authority, and to issue <br />bonds or notes of the Town therefor, provided that no sums shall be borrowed or expended <br />pursuant to this vote unless the Town shall have voted to exclude the amounts needed to repay <br />any borrowing pursuant to this vote from the limitations on the property tax levy imposed by <br />Chapter 59, Section 21C of the General Laws (otherwise known as Proposition 2 ›). <br />Ms. Stewart reported unanimous support (5-0) of the School Committee. <br />David Kanter reported unanimous support of the Capital Expenditures Committee <br />Alan Levine reported unanimous support of the Appropriation Committee. <br />8:03 p.m. Selectman Norman Cohen spoke in support and reported the support of the Board <br />of Selectmen on a vote of 4 in favor and 1 opposed. <br />Jonathan Himmel, Chair of the Permanent Building Committee, spoke in support <br />8:07 p.m. Kevin Johnson, South Lexington Civic Association, spoke in support. <br />8:10 p.m. Patrick Goddard, Director of Public Facilities, responded to questions on <br />sustainable energy in the reconstruction of the buildings. <br />8:12 p.m. Selectman Peter Kelley briefly reviewed his opposition. <br />8:13 p.m. Following a voice vote the Moderator declared the MOTION ADOPTED by more <br />than the necessary two-thirds vote. <br />8:14 p.m. Selectman George Burnell moved the report of the Town Manager be received <br />and placed on file. Adopted Unanimously. <br />Selectman Hank Manz requested the Moderator recognize Town Manager Carl Valente. <br />Town Manager Valente reported. <br />8:23 p.m. Presented by Selectman Hank Manz. <br />ARTICLE 3: APPROPRIATE FOR FIRE COMMUNICATION SYSTEM <br />MOTION: <br /> That the Town appropriate $180,000 to upgrade the Fire Communication <br />System, and to meet this appropriation $180,000 be raised in the tax levy. <br /> <br />