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<br />Selectmen’s Meeting <br />March 14, 2011 <br /> <br />A regular meeting of the Board of Selectmen was held on Monday, March 14, 2011, at 7:30 p.m. <br />in the Selectmen Meeting Room, Town Office Building. Chairman Manz, Mr. Kelley, Mr. <br />Cohen Mr. Burnell and Ms. Mauger; Mr. Valente, Town Manager and Ms. Pease, Executive <br />Clerk, were present. <br /> <br />Public Comment <br /> <br />Ms. Avallone, resident owner and Trustee of Fiske Common Condominium Trust, read a <br />statement that requested the Selectmen indefinitely postpone Article 42 – Acquire Sidewalk <br />Walking Easement to Fiske School. <br /> <br />Mr. Cohen responded that if the article passes at Town Meeting the Town will work with the <br />Fiske Common Condominium Trust to draw up an easement. <br /> <br />Selectmen Concerns and Liaison Reports <br /> <br />Ms. Mauger asked that everyone take note of the crisis happening in Japan. Our thoughts go out <br />to the people in Japan and the families in Lexington that have family in Japan. <br /> <br />Town Manager Report <br /> <br />Mr. Nugent, Town Assessor, will be retiring at the end of March after 19 years of service. <br /> <br />The interest rate for FY2012 property tax deferrals has been set at .26 percent. <br /> <br />Mr. Valente was notified by Hanscom Air Force Base that emergency preparedness training will <br />be happening all week at the base, including announcements over the loudspeakers. Public <br />safety officials have been notified. <br /> <br />Vote to Layout Frances Road <br /> <br />The Public Hearing was closed when neither the Selectmen nor anyone in the audience had any <br />further questions regarding Frances Road. <br /> <br />Upon motion duly made and seconded, it was voted 5-0 to layout Frances Road as a public way <br />and recommend acceptance and also the betterment to Town Meeting. <br /> <br />Busa Land Use Proposal Committee Final Report <br /> <br />Mr. Manz explained that there would be no decisions made by the Selectmen at tonight’s <br />meeting regarding the Busa land. The report will be available on the Town’s webpage on <br />Tuesday, March 15, 2011. The Selectmen will review the report and plan meetings with the <br />Committee after Town Meeting ends. <br /> <br />